Best Japanese Luggage Brands: Our Top Picks

Japan is known for its best in class manufacturing processes. This extends to the luggage industry, too. Here are the top 10 brands. They make some of the best luggage bags in the world.

While some prefer Japanese luggage for the great quality, some prefer it so that they can add yet another Japanese product to their collection. These luggage bags have innovative designs. Also, they are known for their superior quality. Check out the best products from these brands below.

Picture for representation. Photo by bagsandluggage on
Picture for representation. Photo by bagsandluggage on


Lojel Suitcases. Photo by Kelvin Tan on
Lojel Suitcases. Photo by Kelvin Tan on

Lojel was founded in Japan by Chih Chang Chiang. It was Chiang’s travels that gave him the vision to make the brand global. The brand is inspired by real journeys. It adheres to strict quality standards. Also, the designs are practical and functional. The brand keeps up with the changing travel needs.

Lojel Range. Photo by Lojel Canada on
Lojel Range. Photo by Lojel Canada on

Lojel is known for its exceptional craftsmanship. It also is famous for its designs. The luggage bags have a standardized, modular design. This lets the users easily repair the bags. This feature is very practical for people who are on the go! The brand hopes to make travel better for its customers. The brand also aims to reduce wastage by adopting sustainable practices.

Legend Walker

Legend Walker Suitcases. Photo by tsungyichen on
Legend Walker Suitcases. Photo by tsungyichen on

This is your go-to brand for premium luggage bags. It focuses on comfort for its customers. However, at the same time, it upholds the quality. It has intelligent, functional designs. They make the hard case as well as soft case travel bags. They also make other travel accessories. The brand provides great service to its customers.

Inside the bag. Photo by emulibra on
Inside the bag. Photo by emulibra on

This Japanese brand has also made its presence in other Asian Countries. They have their outlets in Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and other countries. The brand is very popular for its awesome luggage bags. It is almost a style statement to carry a Legend Walker bag on travels.

ACE Luggage

The brand makes superior quality luggage bags. The designs are modern and practical. The bags are high-endurance and durable. These ergonomic brands are made while keeping comfort in mind. It has created its presence in other countries such as China, Singapore, and Malaysia, too.

The brand draws from its experience as well as expertise in manufacturing luggage bags. Its designs are unique and the build is superior. Also, the luggage bags come with famous Japanese quality. The aesthetically pleasing bags are very popular in Japan as well as outside. Broadly, it has two variants – Ace Tokyo and Ace Gene. Ace Tokyo is for comfortable travel. Ace Gene is for business travel.


Proteca is a brand developed by Ace. However, it has its own identity for being a brand for quality bags with unmatched designs. The luggage bags go through a three-step test to ensure superior quality. A new material called ‘Ultra String‘ is used for making these bags. It’s highly durable and lightweight.

The hard case luggage bags are made from a polycarbonate shell. It has a sturdy frame, yet has a slim look. The handle of the bag is hollow, reducing the weight of the bag. The result is a lightweight suitcase. Pulling this suitcase along is very easy even if you have long distances to go. The casters and wheels make very little noise when moving. The central locking system lets you lock it with just one touch.


Solo-Tourist has been making quality travel bags for more than three decades now. They are known for their durable bags that can withstand any kind of travel. They make high-quality luggage bags with casters. The brand also makes other travel bags such as large backpacks, Boston bags, and waist-bags. The travel bags with casters are a great choice is you are looking for great quality at an economical price.


Yoshida is a famous brand for travel gear. They make high-quality travel gear. They are well-known for their backpacks, waist pouches, and briefcases. However, they also make trolley bags for travel. They bring functionality into their amazing designs. The Porter range of Yoshida has some amazing travel bags.

Every stage of manufacturing has strict guidelines. This ensures that the travel bags are highly resilient and durable. The designs are also the strength of these travel bags. The brand uses exceptional Japanese craftsmanship. The compact bags have great utility. They are made keeping in mind the travel needs of the customers.

Endo Luggage

Endo Luggage is one of the oldest brands of bags in Japan. Their Frequenter range has sturdy travel bags with wheels. The silent wheel system and the superior build of the bags makes them a popular choice for traveling. The Hokutan range has some cool designs decorated with studs. The company also has Made to Order solutions for its customers. Here, you can select the design, color, and other nuances of your travel bag.

The company aims to create novel products for their customers. They inspect their products diligently to ensure quality. With showrooms in Toyooka, Tokyo, and Osaka, they try to provide the best buying experience for their customers. The brand continues to use traditional methods in bag manufacturing. But the designs and quality checks have evolved with time. This results in bags that are the perfect combination of traditional and modern.

MSPC Product

MSPC Product has a long history of making amazing travel bags. They make very functional backpacks and travel pouches. They also offer a small range of trolley suitcases. Their 2020 collection of trolley bags combines compact designs and impressive features. The hard shell design is built for durability. It can withstand heat and impact.

The good quality wheels make it easy to pull the bag with you easily. An efficient wheel-locking mechanism helps to prevent the bag from moving when kept on a slope. The black finish has a contemporary feel to it and looks great, too!

Siffler (Shifure)

Siffler’s Trident range has stylish trolley suitcases. These cleverly designed trolley bags look as if they are made from aluminum. They also have other variants such as Luna Lux, Zero Gra, Eurasia, and Green Works. The insides of the suitcases exude a quiet elegance. There are several small pockets to organize your things perfectly. Individual compartments with zips make it easy to pack small items without the fear of them tumbling around.

Reinforced corners make sure that the bag can withstand impact during traveling without any damage. The suitcases have a double-wheel assembly. It ensures that movement is convenient even when the bag is heavy. It comes in different colors such as silver, titanium, black, and pink gold. This is a range that has sophisticated designs.


HaNT stands for ‘Have a Nice Time’. This is a female-friendly brand that makes beautiful elegant luggage bags. The suitcases have very functional designs. They also come with features to ensure you have very comfortable travel experience.

The interiors are made with different prints and patterns. These colorful interiors are sure to make you feel happy every time you open your bag. The above video shows how an all-women team designs these beautiful suitcases. It also comes with caster covers. These can be put on the wheels like socks. This prevents the floor from getting dirty when you bring the suitcase inside. It also comes with a matching shoe bag!

Not just great luggage bags, Japan has some great brands for backpacks, too! Here’s a lineup of the best brands if you want to flaunt a backpack made in Japan!

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