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Best Japanese Subscription Boxes

Japanese Subscription Box - Photo by Marceline Smith on Flickr
Japanese Subscription Box – Photo by Marceline Smith on Flickr

Japanese subscription boxes have gained immense popularity in recent years, thanks to their unique and interesting concept. These boxes typically contain a variety of Japanese snacks, candies, beauty products, toys, and other items that offer subscribers a taste of Japanese culture and lifestyle.

One of the reasons for their popularity is the appeal of Japanese culture and its reputation for high-quality and innovative products. Many people are drawn to the cute and quirky designs found in Japanese products, as well as the country’s culinary traditions, which are reflected in the snacks, candies, and other goodies included in these boxes.

These subscription boxes can be a convenient way to experience and enjoy Japanese culture and products. In today’s blog, we will look at the most popular Japanese subscription boxes for you to explore.


TokyoTreat is a box of snacks from Japan that you can get every month. It has different kinds of sweets, candies, and drinks that you can try. The snacks in the box are carefully chosen to give you a taste of the flavors of Japan. You can try classic treats, as well as limited edition and seasonal ones that you can only get in Japan.

We at JapanYugen tried the TokyoTreat box and were impressed by the packaging of the box as well as by the quality and variety of the treats inside. The candies were tasty and unique – we hadn’t experienced such flavors elsewhere. Also, the box came with a pamphlet that gave more information on the candies in the box which was interesting to know.

What’s great about TokyoTreat is that there are different sizes and prices that you can choose from. You can get a small box with a few items or a big box with lots of snacks. There’s something for every budget. You can also choose how long you want to subscribe to TokyoTreat. You can get a box every month, or just for a few months. TokyoTreat is also a great gifting option for someone who loves snacks from Japan!

Order your TokyoTreat box here.


ZenPop Box - Photo by madbull34 on Flickr
ZenPop Box – Photo by madbull34 on Flickr

The ZenPop is a popular Japanese subscription box that has been catering to customers worldwide since 2016. It has different boxes that include things like stationery, beauty products, snacks, stuff related to anime, and a limited edition kawaii box.

The items in the box are curated keeping in mind international tastes. Each box has a particular theme. For example, there might be a box with a “Japan Beauty” theme, which includes face masks and other skincare products. Or, there might be a box with a “Japanese Stationery” theme, which includes cute pens and notebooks. You can choose a subscription plan from ZenPop that works best for you.

Order your ZenPop box here.

Kizuna Box

Kizuna Box - Photo by lm 111 on Flickr
Kizuna Box – Photo by lm 111 on Flickr

The Kizuna Box includes authentic Japanese items. The box contains traditional lifestyle items made in Japan such as ceramics and limited edition eatables. The items in each box are carefully selected to give you a taste of Japanese culture. For example, one box might include a beautiful teapot and some high-quality green tea. Another box might have some Japanese sweets and a cute chopstick rest.

The amazing thing about this box is that the items are all handpicked by people who live in Japan. They know the best places to find unique and interesting items you won’t find anywhere else. Kizuna Box is also really affordable and has different subscription plans.

Order your Kizuna box here.


Bokksu - Photo by gourmetpigs on Flickr
Bokksu – Photo by gourmetpigs on Flickr

Bokksu is a monthly subscription box that features various types of traditional Japanese snacks and sweets. The box has regional specialties, making it a great option for foodies who want to explore the diverse cuisine of Japan. Each Bokksu box includes a selection of 20-25 snacks and sweets, along with a booklet that provides background information about the products and the regions they come from.

The snacks featured in Bokksu are sourced directly from Japan, with a focus on small-batch and artisanal producers. Some of the snacks are only available in specific regions of Japan, making Bokksu a great way to try foods that are not typically available outside of Japan. Bokksu also offers a “Tasting Bokksu” option, which includes a smaller selection of snacks for customers who want to try the service before committing to a full subscription.

Order your Bokksu box here.

Yume Twins

Yume Twins Kawaii Items - Photo by Marceline Smith on Flickr
Yume Twins Kawaii Items – Photo by Marceline Smith on Flickr

The Yume Twins is a subscription box that delivers cute, kawaii items from Japan to your doorstep. It includes things like plushies, stationery, and beauty products. Each Yume Twins box has a different theme, like “Magical Girl” or “Animal Friends”, making each box unique.

Yume Twins also has high-quality and authentic items from famous Japanese brands. You can choose to get this box at your doorstep with the flexible and affordable subscription plans they have. If you love all things cute and kawaii, Yume Twins is definitely for you.

Order your Yume Twins box here.

Gacha Gacha Crate

Gacha Gacha Crate brings the fun of Japanese gacha machines (Japanese toy vending machines) to your home. It includes a selection of mini-figures, keychains, and other collectibles. Each Gacha Gacha Crate has a different theme, like “Kawaii Kitchen” or “Sushi Cats.”

A subscription box of Gacha Gacha crate typically consists of 8 to 10 surprise gachas. This is the place where you can find unique items from Tik Tok trends or just some cutesy stuff. The box also contains brief written descriptions of each item. It really can bring out the kid in you.

Order your Gacha Gacha crate here.

Umai Crate

Umai Crate is a monthly subscription box that focuses on Japanese instant noodles. This subscription service is perfect for anyone who loves noodles and wants to try a variety of unique flavors from Japan. Each month, subscribers receive a box that contains a selection of 7-8 different instant noodle bowls, cups, or packets, along with an informative booklet that provides background information about the noodles and their flavors.

The noodles featured in Umai Crate come from a range of Japanese brands and are sourced directly from Japan, so customers can be assured of their authenticity. From classic flavors like miso and soy sauce to more adventurous varieties like spicy curry and seafood broth, there is something for everyone. Umai Crate also occasionally features limited edition or seasonal flavors, which adds to the excitement of each month’s box.

Order your Umai Crate box here.


Subscription boxes offer a convenient and affordable way for people to try out new products and experiences from Japan without having to travel there themselves. This accessibility has allowed people from all over the world to enjoy the unique offerings found in Japanese subscription boxes, making them a beloved part of many people’s lives.

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