School boys with backpacks in Japan

The Best Japanese Backpack Brands

If you are looking for one particular gear that the Japanese designers have perfected through the years, it is the backpack. In this article, we are aiming the spotlight at some of the top brands that have become popular through their top-notch quality and arresting designs.

Here are the top ten brands that we have shortlisted to help you make the best choice.

  1. Makavelic
  2. Tsuchiya-Kaben
  3. Master-Piece
  4. and wander
  5. hobo
  6. F/CE.
  8. narifuri
  9. Paago Works
  10. Southern Field Industries

Quite simply, the two main features of these backpacks that have allowed it to emerge as a favorite choice for all age groups are comfort and functionality. With the right blend of Japanese craftsmanship and superb design, these backpacks are great choices for daily use or even as a souvenir. Here we present a range of Japanese backpacks that will be perfect for the urban terrain as well as for weekend adventures.

School boys With backpacks in japan (
School boys with backpacks in Japan ( Image source- Wikimedia Commons)


If you want something functional and stylish, this is one of the best options that you will get from a Japanese brand. Headquartered in Tokyo, the brand combines style and durability through its trendy designs. The best thing is, their hybrid design is good for city use as well as for use in the outdoors. The brand uses top quality materials that are water-resistant to make sure that they are sufficiently durable.

Makavelic products
Makavelic products ( Image source-

Makavelic portrays itself as a crossover brand that stylishly fuses street culture with a sporty feel. They have a wide variety of designs to suit the needs of a wide range of users. So if you need a backpack for a fast and light trip you can surely check out their collection. As our favorite, we have picked the Trucks Weatherproof backpack that ticks all the right boxes.

Founded: 2013

Recommended product: Trucks Weatherproof Backpack


Have you heard about Japanese Randoseru? Even though these backpacks were made for schoolchildren, the product has become extremely popular even among adults all over the world. Moreover, being designed for kids, these bags are not only colorful but almost indestructible. Founded by veteran designer Tsuchiya Kunio, this brand’s mission is to craft the best Randoseru without a single defect in any of the products.

These backpacks are also made from leather-like synthetic materials but the sturdy built and functional design remains the common factor. Tsuchiya-Kaban has been around for almost half a century and has blended its style with the finer elements of Japanese culture. At the same time, their Tokyo workshop brings together some of the best leather-workers who manufacture these bags with a touch of love.

Founded: 1965


Recommended product: Randoseru


Master-Piece is one brand that has earned a fan-base all around the world because of its superb quality and functionality. The brand was launched in 1994 and has its headquarters in Osaka. While drawing inspiration from daily life, the team of designers also focus on the exact customer requirements. The three words that compose the philosophy of the brand are – functionality, aesthetics, and craftsmanship.

Masterpiece Dura backpack
Masterpiece Dura backpack (Image source:

The backpacks use of water repellent light fabrics and top-class parts that are sourced both domestically and internationally. While the highlight is on casual bags ideal for daily use, there are also bags that focus on specific user needs. Master-Piece takes pride in its Japanese identity and considers each product as a symbol of their brand philosophy. In addition, it has also joined hands with various other international partners to expand outreach.

Founded: 1994


Recommended product: Dura

and wander

If you are looking for a backpack that is more adventure-friendly, this is a Japanese brand that you can trust. Most of their products are crafted especially for adventurers heading for the mountains. However, these bags do not look out of place while riding through the city either. And wander was launched during the spring/summer of 2011 and within a few years, they have made a name for their trail-friendly designs.

The designers draw inspiration from nature and obviously, from the mountains. They use high-quality materials like PU-coated Cordura nylon that offer great durability for rough outdoor use. Then again, they are also resistant to the elements. Apart from backpacks, the brand also develops outdoor wear for mountain lovers.

and wander X-pac backpack
and wander X-pac backpack (Image source:and

Founded: 2011


Recommended product: X-Pac 30 L backpack


This brand started with handcrafted bags that would blend seamlessly into the daily flow of life in Japan. With the urban-friendly design, hobo has presently expanded into head-wear, footwear, and other forms of accessories.  The backpacks combine eye-catching design elements with top-notch functionality for daily use or overnight travel.

hobo bags for casual use
hobo bags for casual use ( Image source:

The brand has also introduced a lot of innovation in order to make their backpacks weather-resistant. The design philosophy is a blend of East and West with special attention towards using high-quality materials and sturdiest parts. Also, you get the authentic touch of Japanese craftsmanship that makes every item special in its own way.

Founded: 2004


Recommended product: SPECTRA®︎ X-GRIDSTOP


Even though this is one of the newest brands in this list, the quality of its backpacks is superb. With a foundation based on Japanese culture, the brand has also incorporated themes from other countries into its design philosophy. At the same time, it has delivered excellent products both in terms of quality and functionality to its customers. The best part is, their backpacks come with a fresh look and a unique element of design.

The F/CE. Seamless Ziplock backpack
The F/CE. Seamless Ziplock backpack (Image source: F/CE.

In fact, the designers visit the country from which they derive a theme for their products. They experience the culture, colors, and flavors of the nation in detail before placing their concepts on board. There is a whole range of bags that are made from the finest materials that offer superb durability. Moreover, there is also the use of special features like a “floating bag” seal, to make the backpacks completely waterproof.

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Founded: 2010


Recommended product: SEAMLESS ZIPLOCK


This is a brand that has been a renowned name in the domain of Japanese backpacks for years. These bags are entirely crafted in Japan and the brand takes pride in its Japanese heritage. The brand was established in 1962 by Yoshida & Co and still carries forward the heritage that was built on top-class quality.

With their high quality, the bags from Mr Porter have earned the reputation of lasting for a lifetime. The main feature of the backpacks is a clean and simple design that is balanced by a range of practical features. Add to that the superb craftsmanship and the best quality materials and you have a backpack that will serve you for years. Our pick is the Tanker backpack that is a part of the special “travel series with a military look”.

Founded: 1962


Recommended product: Tanker Padded Shell Backpack


This is a Japanese brand that was originally established around the theme of bicycle riding. Obviously, that leads to eye-catching designs with a sporty touch and superb functionality. The design of the backpacks also makes sure that they are perfectly in harmony with a modern urban lifestyle. In reality, the words “nari” and “furi” mean “appearance” and “behavior” respectively.

Rider with a narifuri backpack
Rider with a narifuri backpack ( Image source:

So, while the products are designed for casual wear, they can also fit into everyday events without a problem. The two main priorities of the design are functionality and durability in every step. This ensures that you can use the backpacks not only for city rides but also for long rides in the outskirts.

narifuri tactical backpack
narifuri tactical backpack ( Image source:

Founded: 2007


Recommended product: Tactical back pack

Paago Works

This is a Japanese outdoor brand based on the theme “Let’s Pack And Go.” The interesting thing is, the brand has the logo of the origami of a shuriken (a traditional Japanese weapon). While the origami symbolizes creativity, the shuriken represents a highly functional tool. Also, the brand follows in a unique design pattern that does not follow any existing standards.

A collection of Paago Works bags ( Image source:

In addition, the brand also believes that its products will encourage the users to spend some more time amidst nature. Our choice from their range is from the “Rush” series. This is the special trail running backpacks that are designed for the best levels of comfort and functionality.

Founded: 2011


Recommended product: Rush 28

Southern Field Industries

Located in the Saitama region of Japan, the small manufacturing facility of Southern Field Industries specializes in handcrafted products. As a result, you get timeless designs with the best levels of attention to the details. Manabu Okada, the founder, started his career in the production of equestrian products in his father’s factory. He developed the brand to highlight the best aspects of Japanese design.

Each product is designed with high standards of quality to ensure that the customer gets years of service. Beyond that, the brand uses full-grain vegetable-tanned leather that is specially prepared by Tochigi Leather, one of the finest tanneries in Japan. As a result, you get an exceptional finish and a unique feel from each of their backpacks.

Founded: 2008


Recommended product: Olive and black backpack

So these are some of the foremost Japanese backpack brands that offer the best possible design and quality. Now it is your turn to make a choice.

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