Top 20 Funny Japanese Videos

The internet has expanded access to various forms of media. YouTube in particular is providing a platform for creators to share content each day. Over the years, we’ve been entertained, and in most cases, tickled by funny videos all over the internet. Well, Japan has its fair share of funny videos too, and here are 20 of the best. 

  1. Japanese Bike Video
  2. Mob Prank 
  3. Cruel and Funny Water Fountain 
  4. Portable Toilet Video 
  5. The Falling Elevator 
  6. The Japanese Fake Floor 
  7. Funny Japanese Game shows
  8. Takeshi’s Castle Epic Fails
  9. Sasuke Ninja Warrior Funny Montage
  10. Funny Japanese Commercials
  11. The contagious Laughter 
  12. Fake Ghost video
  13. More and More Funny Commercials
  14. Asia’s Got Talent’s Japanese Act
  15. The Japanese T-Rex Prank
  16. Japanese Slippery Stairs
  17. The Japanese Try To Speak English
  18. Japan’s Mascot Fails
  19. Americans and Japanese Swap Snacks
  20. Hillarious Japanese Inventions

Japanese Bike Video

Imagine sitting in a room in front of a large TV watching a bike race. And all over a sudden, the bikers jump right out of your screen. Sounds scary right? Well, but for the rest of us watching its pure comedy. This crazy Japanese biker video pushes the boundaries of pranking. It will surely get you laughing like never before. Just wait for it until the end.

Mob Prank

When it comes to pranking the Japanese just know how to make it scary and funny enough for us to enjoy. Mob pranks are just perfect for that criterion. Think of it this way. You are on the street minding your own business. And boom! a mob of what looks like angry people starts running towards you. The reactions in this video are just priceless. Just take a look and enjoy it.

Cruel and Funny Water Fountain 

Water fountains are common in parks around Japan. After hiking for the best part of the day, there is nothing more soothing than a little cold water. However, in this messed up fountain in a park somewhere in Japan, the water is not nearly as soothing as you’d expect. The video is a bit cruel but hilarious too. Check it out.

Portable Toilet Video 

A lot of the videos that we’ve covered in this post are a little disturbing. But we just can’t stop laughing, can we? Here is another one and it is as weird and funny as they come. How about this? You enter into a portable toilet. And as you begin doing your business, a timer starts. If you stay there for more than 10 seconds, the toilet just opens up and whisks you to the air. Sounds unreal right? But not in Japan.

The Falling Elevator 

Just get this, you step into an elevator may be heading to the fifth or wherever floor. And just before you settle in to hit the button, the elevator’s cuts in half and you fall into the shaft, down towards the abyss. Is there a more scary thought than that? Well, just check out this video you will enjoy it.

The Japanese Fake Floor 

So, let’s say you are walking down an alley or the hallway heading to your office or place of business. Everything looks good and normal. But all over sudden, you just fall into a ditch of water and get wet all over. This fake floor video will get you. It’s probably one of the funniest things you will see ever.

Funny Japanese Game shows

Japanese game shows are famous for their huge dose of weird. But sometimes they are so strange and outrageous that you can’t help but laugh. Well, we searched the depths of YouTube and finally found this 10-minute video. It features some of the craziest and funniest Japanese game shows you will ever see. Over 5 million people have already checked out this YouTube hit and it’s absolutely rib-cracking.

Takeshi’s Castle Epic Fails

So, by now you are aware of the famous Japanese show Takeshi’s Castle. Although this show aired in Japan over 30 years ago, it has inspired a lot of folks like you and me to try out some of its challenges. And let’s just say that it doesn’t go as planned for most of these guys. While there are some “ouch” moments in this video, you will get some really good funny gems in there too.

Sasuke Ninja Warrior Funny Montage

Speaking of game shows, Sasuke is quite popular in Japan. This obstacle challenge show brings in 100 participants. It’s always action-packed. But it’s also filled with outstanding fails that will crack you up big time.  Well, nothing captures this fails and funny moments better than this video. It is the ultimate montage of Sasuke fails you will find on YouTube.

Funny Japanese Commercials

I’m sure you’ve got enough of the game shows and the merry pranksters. Let’s now dig deep into the weird and funny Japanese commercials. It’s hard to imagine how these ads made it to TV, but we are glad they did. We found a ten-minute compilation video on YouTube covering some of the most outrageous commercials on Japanese TV. You will love them!

The contagious Laughter 

This one is not really about comedy or something funny, or is it? Have you ever laughed so hard for nothing other than listening to someone else laugh? This is exactly what this video is about. And don’t just pay attention to the guy laughing. The reaction of the rest of the room is also outstanding. Not the most viral videos you will ever see but hey, it should make your morning.

Fake Ghost video

By now you already know that the Japanese will go to any lengths to make a “got you” moment. Well, this one is just up there with the very best. Imagine this. You are in the showier whistling your way into a nice and relaxing bath. And as you cover your face with soap, a fake ghost suddenly appears on the ceiling. What do you do? The reaction here is just hilariously haunting it will stick in your mind all day.

More and More Funny Commercials

In case the ten-minute video above of funny commercials was not enough for you, don’t worry, we found another. This one is different from the clip you saw above. To be honest with you, it’s hard to say which of the two is funnier. I guess you should watch and decide for yourself.

Asia’s Got Talent’s Japanese Act

But what if you want a more refined form of comedy, performed at a grand stage? Ask no more, Just check out this video. The clip features a funny duo from Japan performing incredible acts. How can we explain this video? It’s not a comedy per se, but it’s just funny. Ok, we can’t. It would be better if you watched it. Spoiler alert, the duo get a standing ovation in the end and that should tell you it’s worth a view.

The Japanese T-Rex Prank

The T-Rex is an ancient dinosaur that roamed our planet millions of years ago. So, if you are walking through a hallway and it somehow reappears, you can be forgiven for running for your life. This Japanese T-rex prank is incredibly hilarious. The reaction of participants is absolutely epic.

Japanese Slippery Stairs

How many game shows does Japan have really? Well, that’s a story for another day because we have another game show related video for you. This one features participants trying to climb up slippery stairs. I know it doesn’t sound like a funny thing. But wait until you check out the video. It is probably the most hilarious thing you will ever see!

The Japanese Try To Speak English

Japan has a very rich and globally accepted language. However, most people in the country speak Japanese for the rest of their lives. But a few try to learn a second language. English is a very common choice for Japanese citizens. Eventually, they get good at it. But that process from an English non-speaker to fluency can bring some funny moments. Check out the video here.

Japan’s Mascot Fails

We already know that Japan has a lot of funny and incredibly cute mascots. This is the country that brought you Chitan. So they know their way around a superb mascot. But some mascot fails are just too funny to ignore. We found one video and it is as good as they get.  Just check it out and enjoy it.

Americans and Japanese Swap Snacks

Japan’s cuisine has spread all over the world. But other than sushi and ramen, most people have no idea about Japanese food. The Japanese are also very wary of trying foods from foreign lands. It is these cultural differences that make this video so hilarious. Just watch the reactions as Japanese and Americans exchange snacks. It is incredibly hilarious!

Hilarious Japanese Inventions

Japan is a hub for science, technology, and innovation. The country is known for its major global tech brands in a wide variety of fields, including the auto industry, gaming, and others. But Japan also has a few weird and hilariously funny inventions that you probably didn’t know existed. They are all covered in the next video.

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