Top 10 Japanese Sunglasses Brands

Japan was never too far behind when it comes to quality eyewear all around the world. For more than 200 years, the Fukui Prefecture has been a leader in manufacturing prescription lenses and eyeglasses frames. But in recent years, Japan has become home to leading manufacturers in fashion-forward sunglasses brands. Here are the top ten brands that make sunglasses in Japan.

  1. Eyevan
  2. Masunaga
  3. Nackymade
  4. Masahiro Maruyama
  5. Boston Club
  6. Matsuda
  7. Seiko
  8. A Bathing Ape (Bape)
  9. David Kind
  10. Dita Kohn

Japanese technology is well-known for quality. Their finesse is unparalleled. This extends to the sunglasses made here, too. The frames made in Japan are exquisitely beautiful. They are made from high-quality material. And, advanced technology is used for innovation. This makes Japan-made sunglasses popular all over the world. The following brands are well-known for excellent sunglasses.


Eyevan frame. Photo by t 1680 by
Eyevan frame. Photo by t 1680 by

Eyevan is a very popular sunglasses brand in Japan. It is also the self-proclaimed first fashion eyewear brand in Japan. The brand positions itself as the pioneer of glasses as a fashion accessory. It makes beautiful, fashionable frames. Their vision is to make eyewear a part of fashion rather than just a necessity. Along with it, comes the unparalleled Japanese quality.

The Eyevan Capsule Collection is very popular. This collection has classic frames that will never go out of style. It uses plastic within a metal frame. The result is a sturdy frame that looks great. Due to the premium materials, it does not fade with time.


Masunaga. Photo by Reddot Optic Vincent on
Masunaga. Photo by Reddot Optic Vincent on

Masunaga Optical was at the forefront of the eyewear manufacturing in Fukui. When the company started, craftsmen were brought into Fukui from Osaka and Tokyo. They made beautiful eyewear frames. This is a brand that emphasizes the quality of its eyewear. Also, they control all the processes that go into manufacturing their sunglasses. From the raw materials to manufacturing the finished product, all processes are owned by Masunaga.

Masunaga has been making eyewear for more than a century. It creates all molds in-house. If ever there is a problem in the frames, the processes are corrected quickly. Due to the strict quality checks, the products are reliable. The brand has won many awards for eyewear.


Talented artisan Naoki Nagakawa started Nackymade in Japan. This is your go-to brand if you want some cool and funky sunglasses. Nacky sure has got the knack of making sunglasses right! These sunglasses are made to fit perfectly. The designs are creative and original.

Nackymade uses the traditional Japanese method of making frames. Japanese plastic acetate is used as the raw material. The superb quality and amazing designs have made the brand very popular in Japan as well as abroad. They also have custom-made frames.

Masahiro Maruyama

Masahari Maruyuma is known for its eccentric designs. They have different collections such as Twist, Broken, Straight, Collage, and Erace. Their quirky frames are a definite hit! Each metal frame is twisted by hand to give it the most unique look. And every design is very unique and different.

Broken by Masahiro Maruyama. Photo by Reddot Optic Vincent on
Broken by Masahiro Maruyama. Photo by Reddot Optic Vincent on

The brand is known for its asymmetrical designs. Good quality materials such as Mazzuccelli’s acetate and pure titanium are used. The molds are carefully made for each design. The molds are filled by hand. The metal is twisted to get the frames. The frames are buffed and polished. And thus, the finished frames for sunglasses are made. Something to go for if you want to stand out!

Boston Club

Boston Club started in Japan in 1984. It revolutionized the eyewear designs in the 80s. They redesigned the popular frames with a classic touch. They made engraved frames, too. And their loose styles were their specialty. Even today, the brand rules for its great quality and designs. Definitely one of the trusted brands in Japan!


This brand was started in Tokyo over 50 years ago. The brand gained recognition because of its innovative designs. Even today, the brand is known for its fashionable designs. The brand has still stuck to its roots. They still believe in the old way of making sunglasses. The result is stunning eyewear. It catches the eye and is durable and sturdy.

A lot of hard work goes into making these sunglasses. The brand follows strict manual processes. The craftsmen make the frames in the Sabae workshop. Over the years, the brand has been innovating. The result is timeless designs.


Seiko Optical Products Co. Ltd. is a Japanese company that makes quality eyewear. The brand makes durable sunglasses with classic frames. Their frames collection includes Seiko Titanium, S2, and Starvision. Seiko means ‘precision’ in Japanese. The brand aims for precision in their products. Seiko Sunglasses can be bought from Seiko outlets. They have outlets all over the world.

A Bathing Ape (Bape)

Photo by Reddot Optic Vincent on
Photo by Reddot Optic Vincent on

‘A Bathing Ape’, more commonly known as ‘Bape’ is a Japanese fashion brand. They also make sunglasses which are popular among the youth. The brand is known for its contemporary designs. They also make functional sunglasses such as Sunpocket X. It can be folded into half and slipped into a pocket when not in use!

Sunpocket from Bape. Photo by Headlines & Heroes on
Sunpocket from Bape. Photo by Headlines & Heroes on

David Kind

David Kind is a sunglasses brand by designer David Barton. The brand sources workmanship from both Japan and Italy. They partner with eyewear makers in Sabae in Japan. Barton uses premium quality materials. Zyl, titanium, and stainless steel are used. He also works on the designs. Traditional designs and processes combine with modern technology to make sunglasses.

The brand is popular because of the quality of the products. These are one of the most technically advanced eyewear today. These sunglasses are stylish and practical. This luxury brand promises a great buying experience, too!

Dita Kohn

Dita Kohn is a well-known brand all over the world. The sunglasses are made in Japan. The attention to detail is evident in the designs. The Japanese workmanship comes out in the beautiful designs.

Dita Kohn, Made in Japan. Photo by Reddot Optic Vincent on
Dita Kohn, Made in Japan. Photo by Reddot Optic Vincent on

The frames use high-quality material. Beta-titanium is usually used. It is lighter than steel and flexible. This results in durable, sturdy frames. The acetate frames use a special process. This results in a beautiful, polished finish.


Japan has definitely made its mark in the department of luxury eyewear. They have a unique sense of fashion. Access to quality raw material and incomparable manufacturing expertise make these products unique. No wonder then that Sabae has flourished as an eyewear manufacturing hub. For years Sabae has upheld the tradition of crafting quality eyewear. Here is a video that explains why sunglasses made in Sabae are so popular.

Why Japanese sunglasses are a class apart?

It makes sense to go for Japanese made sunglasses if you want style and quality. The luxury brands are on the expensive side. However, they are totally worth it.

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