Best Japanese Shears: Top 5 Picks

Japanese haircutting shears are known for their superior quality and sharp blades made from Japanese steel. They are popular among professional hairdressers who are looking for reliable and high-quality shears. Here are the best 5 Japanese shears in the market.

  1. DRGSKL Professional Hair Scissors Flat ShearsBest Economical Shears
  2. Kissaki Hair Scissors GokatanaBest Shears for Comfort
  3. FHI Heat Stone Damascus Shear ScissorsBest Premium Shears  
  4. Kinsaro Convex Edge Hair ShearsBest Versatile Shears
  5. ULG Professional Hair Thinning ScissorsBest Thinning Shears

The history of Japanese shears goes back to the times of the Samurais and the very famous Samurai swords. The special convex-shaped steel blades that give the ultimate haircutting experience were first made in Japan. These types of blades provide an excellent cutting experience. And this is why professional hairstylists all over the world prefer these shears.

Image for representation. Photo by John Mathew on Flickr.
Image for representation. Photo by John Mathew on Flickr.

The Best 5 Japanese Shears

Below are the best 5 Japanese Shears. With shears suiting different needs and different budgets, you can choose exactly what you want. While these shears are priced differently and have different features, there is one underlying common quality. All these shears are crafted from premium quality Japanese steel.

DRGSKL Professional Hair Scissors Flat Shears – Best Economical Shears

These are quality shears suitable for salon use, priced at less than $30. These are ideal for home use as well as for use by junior hairdressers. You can know more about this product and view the price here.

Key Features:

  • Made from 440C Japanese steel
  • 6-inch sharp blades
  • 2-year warranty
  • Rust-resistant blades
  • Ergonomically designed shears

It can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people. With 6 inch blades, these shears are ideal for haircutting and hair don’t get caught between the blades. It is designed to provide comfort to the person using it. It has finger rings that give optimum control while handling. The ergonomic design reduces the pressure on the fingers and wrists. The shears have a beautiful mirror finish and come in a lovely gift box, too!

These shears are designed and manufactured by experts. The manufacturers offer a warranty for two years. In the unlikely event that the shears are not satisfactory for the buyer, the manufacturer also allows for a return within six months of purchase.

About the Japanese steel used:

The shears are made from superior 440C Japanese steel. It is a hard type of steel and hand-sharpened to give the best experience. The lightweight steel reduces the tension during long hours of haircutting. The steel is resistant to rust and the edges remain sharp for a very long time.

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Kissaki Hair Scissors Gokatana – Best Shears for Comfort

These shears provide optimum comfort while handling. They are ideally suited for professional hairstylists who have to work long hours. You can know more about the product and view prices here.

Key Features:

  • Made from Hitachi SUS 440C stainless steel
  • The steel has a Rockwell Hardness Rating of 60+
  • 6-inch sharp blades
  • Triple hand-honed for sharpness
  • 360-degree swivel movement

The highlight of the design is the swivel finger ring. It has a complete 360-degree movement so that the fingers don’t get stressed during haircutting. Haircutting can put a lot of tension on the fingers. Long hours of work can increase the chances of developing Carpel Tunnel Syndrome or give your fingers the painful and infamous cutter cramps. The Kissaki Hair shears prevent these issues by providing an unrestricted movement to the fingers while cutting.

These shears are extremely sharp and provide a very smooth cutting function. They help in precision trimming and cut through hair like a laser through butter. Hence, these should only be used by professionals.

One more thing going for the shears is that their design is beautiful. Extremely good to look at, these stylish shears come in a beautiful plush velour box. The box also contains a lubricant, finger sizing rings, and a polishing cloth. They have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer against any defects with the parts.

A video that shows the benefits of using swivel shears

About the Japanese Steel Used

These professional shears are made from high-quality forged Hitachi SUS 440C stainless steel. The steel has a Rockwell hardness rating of 60+. The edges have a convex shape and are triple hand-honed. This gives the ultimate sharpness.

They have a black titanium coating. It gives the shears a beautiful look and a long life. The shears are rust-resistant and remain sharp even after continued use. With razor-sharp edges, the blades are just what you need in professional hair cutting shears.

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FHI Heat Stone Damascus Shear Scissors – Best Premium Shears

These are premium quality shears which provide the best-in-class haircutting experience. You can know more about the product and view prices here.

Key Features:

  • Made from the very strong Damascus steel
  • Extremely sharp blades
  • 5.5-inch blades for close cutting
  • Great performance

These 6.8 inch long shears have 5.5-inch blades. These premium range shears are expensive. But their superior quality and sharpness make them worth the price. The FHI brand is known for manufacturing technologically advanced tools for the hair and beauty industry. These shears are no exception.

These sharp shears are only for professional use. Amateur hairdressers should not use these shears. They are also not ideal for home use. Ergonomically designed, these shears provide great comfort and optimum performance. Experts carefully handcraft these shears for sharpness and durability. They are quite long-lasting, too.

About the Japanese Steel Used:

The FHI brand’s KORE range of shears uses three different types of steel. These shears use the very hard Damascus steel. This forged steel is recognized by a unique pattern on it. It also has a tendency to stay sharper for longer needing fewer sharpening during its lifetime. The blades are so sharp that they can easily cut through even dry hair.

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Kinsaro Convex Edge Hair Shears – Best Versatile Shears

Shears with rounded edges. Image for representation. Photo by VernScissors on Flickr.
Shears with rounded edges. Image for representation. Photo by VernScissors on Flickr.

These versatile shears offer great quality, reasonable price, and overall excellent value for money. You can know more about the product and view prices here.

Key Features:

  • Rounded tip for better safety
  • Made from 440C Japanese steel
  • 6-inch blades
  • Rockwell Hardness Rating between 58 and 60
  • Low sound of opening and closing the shears

The Kinsaro convex edge hair shears are a specimen of fine workmanship. Its unique design features no hole on the front blade which gives the shears a distinct look. The convex blade makes cutting super easy and balanced. The sharpened edge has well-proportioned dimensions. It easily slides as you cut hair. These professional hair shears provide a high-performance ideal for salons with a high daily footfall.

These elegant shears have a rounded tip and a polished finish with a high shine. Its strong tension screw makes sure that the shears don’t become loose while cutting hair. The ergonomically designed handle makes haircutting comfortable and reduces fatigue. When you go snip-snip, the shears make very little noise.  

Haircut using convex-blade shears. Photo by Renato Fuzz on Flickr
Haircut using convex-blade shears. Photo by Renato Fuzz on Flickr.

About the Japanese Steel Used

The Kinsaro hair shears are crafted by experts. The manufacturing involves strict production processes and stringent quality checks. This ensures that the shears are of a consistently of good quality. They are made from Japanese 440C steel. The blades have a Rockwell Hardness rating between 58 and 60. They are very durable and remain razor-sharp for a long time.

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ULG Professional Hair Thinning Scissors – Best Thinning Shears

Thinning shears. Image for representation. Photo by VernScissors on Flickr
Thinning shears. Image for representation. Photo by VernScissors on Flickr

These shears are great for salon use to give textured haircut or for thinning hair as required. You can know more about the product and view prices here.

Key Features:

  • Handmade from superior 440C Japanese steel
  • 6.5-inch blades
  • 30 double teeth on one side
  • Provide a 20-25% thinning rate
  • Adjustment screw to reduce finger fatigue

At 2.4 ounces, the weight of these shears gives the perfect grip while texturizing the hair. Professional hairstylists trust these shears. They are specially designed for thinning hair and blending. It is great for trimming beards, too. The shears have a thinning rate of 20-25% giving a nice texture. They have 30 sharp teeth on one side making thinning quick and easy.

The blade is smooth and sharp. The shears have an adjustable screw. It helps to adjust the tension to the desired level. They give optimum comfort during use. The thumb handle is shorter reducing fatigue due to continuous finger movement. The wrist, forearm, and elbow are more relaxed while using these shears. The package comes with removable rubber finger inserts. It provides a superior grip for long hours.

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The shears are handmade and use good quality materials to make the final product long-lasting. The sharp edges work well on dry, wet, or coarse hair without pulling or discomfort. These practically designed shears can be used by professional hairdressers as well as by amateur stylists. It is good for home use too if you want to style your bangs at home.

About the Japanese Steel Used

These high-quality shears use premium Japanese 440C steel. The durable blades hold the edges well. The teeth all have an identical V shape giving a uniform cut. The blades are sharp but smooth making the haircut comfortable for the person getting the cut, too.

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Good haircutting shears are critical for a good haircut. Before buying shears, you should research the different blades available and then decide which one suits your needs the best. Also, if you are left-handed, you should check if the shears are suitable for your use before buying. Japanese steel is very sharp. So make sure you handle the shears with care! Here’s a video on how to keep your hair shears clean and well-maintained.

While some of these hair shears can be amazing gift options, they are for hairstylist enthusiasts only. Want to know about some awesome gift options for your Japanese hosts? Check out this article – Gifts for Hosts in Japan.

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