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Best Japanese Jewelry Brands Today

Over the years, Japanese fashion has developed and given birth to many different styles from its own unique culture. For instance, Japanese jewelry is not just popular among young women. It is also popular among young adult men, and working women owing to its modern aesthetics and craftsmanship. These are some of the most popular Japanese jewelry brands in the market today :

  • Mikimoto
  • Tasaki
  • Belpearl
  • Niwaka
  • agete
  • Fujimori
  • Oz Abstract

While Japanese jewelry brands aren’t as popular as French or Italian brands, this does not mean that Japanese jewelry brands have nothing to offer. Japanese jewelry has evolved to uniquely reflect Japanese culture and is creative, finely crafted, and elegant while retaining a fine balance between traditional and modern.

Photo by Prabhakar Djewels Pvt. Ltd on Flickr
Photo by Prabhakar Djewels Pvt. Ltd on Flickr


Mikimoto is the biggest name in the Japanese jewelry market. In 1893, their founder, Mikimoto Kōkichi, successfully created the world’s first-ever cultured pearls. Ever since then, the brand seeks to harness the allure of the most radiant pearls to bring you stunningly beautiful necklaces. Today, Mikimoto is one of the largest suppliers of pearls and their jewelry is not just popular in Japan, but all over the world.

Many factors determine the quality of a pearl, such as color, luster, size, shape, and thickness of the nacre. No two pearls are the same, even if they come from the same sea and the same species of mollusks. Mikimoto uses only the finest pearls that meet the strictest standards, which is usually less than 10% of all the pearls they test. As a result, only Akoya cultured pearls of the highest quality and luster are given the illustrious name “Mikimoto Pearl“.

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Photo by June (on/off) on Flickr

Mikimoto is one of the few leading jewelry brands in the world with an integrated system for design, production, sales, and after-service. From the moment pearls are formed in the sea, transformed into beautiful pearl necklaces until customers put them on, they strive for perfection. For instance, highly skilled experts sort through and select the pearls to ensure that each bead in a strand matches perfectly in color, size, shape, and luster. They have a wide array of designs that underline the individuality of the wearer.


In 1970, Tasaki succeeded in becoming the first in the world to farm the brown-lipped pearl oyster. As a result, Tasaki is now one of the biggest names in the Japanese jewelry market and the pearl industry. It then comes as no surprise that they specialize in making jewelry using pearls and other rare precious stones.

Above all, Tasaki believes that the aesthetic values of Japan are born from its beautiful natural environment and seascapes. Therefore, Tasaki creations embody the Japanese sense of beauty with subtle and elegant pearls. Tasaki is also known for its advanced diamond polishing techniques.

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Photo by zhuyingyounger on Flickr

Tasaki uses a stunning variety of pearls in their jewelry. For instance, not only do they use Akoya pearls, but they also use South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearls, Mabe pearls, and Baroque pearls. In addition, there are strict criteria to determine if a pearl can be used in their products.

Their nacre quality, which is the most important factor in determining a pearl’s value, is checked thoroughly. They also are very particular about color and luster. And they make sure the shape and size are also optimum for the design. Finally, blemishes or surface damage are checked thoroughly. Therefore, the final product you buy is made from the roundest, shiniest, and most brilliant pearls.


COCOSHNIK is a relatively newer jewelry brand from Japan. However, this does not mean that it is any less popular. This is because the brand offers simple, elegant, and affordable jewelry which can be worn for everyday use. Their main collection features yellow gold with minimal precious stones or addons, focusing instead on simple design and craftsmanship.

COCOSHNIK also uses vivid colors and pristine techniques to make their jewelry. Therefore, their products naturally bring out your own radiance. Above all, the brand takes pride in providing sophisticated designs that feel modern, yet timeless. COCOSHNIK wants you to shine and feel beautiful every day, not just on special occasions. As a result, this brand is incredibly popular, not just among young people, but also women in their 30’s and 40’s.


Belpearl was founded in 1933, starting as merchants of precious stones and pearls. Eventually, the company slowly made connections with pearl traders in the Far East. After that, the Belpearl company was established in Japan, specializing in the trade of Japanese pearls and pearl jewelry. Their headquarters are in Kobe, Japan, which is also an integral part of their legacy. For instance, their signature range of pearl jewelry is called the Kobe Collection.

Photo by de Joya en Joya on Flickr
Photo by de Joya en Joya on Flickr

Firstly, they source only the best quality pearls from the best pearl farms in the world to make their jewelry. Secondly, experts put incredible thought and detail into stringing together every pearl. Thirdly, every piece in their collection expresses the individuality and elegance of the wearer. In other words, whether the pearls are framed with pavé diamonds, set in custom settings, or simply strung, every Belpearl piece is thoughtfully conceived.


Niwaka Corporation was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. After that, they opened their first flagship store in 2001 in the northern part of the city. Today, it is one of the most popular jewelry brands in the world. Countless celebrities also wear Niwaka jewelry to prestigious events, making them shine even brighter.

Niwaka claims that the city of Kyoto holds a special place for them. After all, much of its designs are inspired by elements of the culture and the history of Kyoto. For instance, the Gion Matsuri festival, its cityscapes, the passing of seasons, and surrounding nature. Their designs also take inspiration from traditional Japanese motifs such as Japanese kanji, architecture, and patterns used in Japanese paintings.

Talented artists and craftsmen make Niwaka jewelry with advanced techniques and also extremely fine detailed work. As a result, Niwaka jewelry is beautiful, delicate, and intricate. It is then no wonder that so many celebrities choose to wear Niwaka jewelry at award functions and press conferences.


Agete is a new-age Japanese jewelry brand that is extremely popular among Japanese youth. They make simple yet stylish jewelry that emphasizes a modern aesthetic. After all, its design philosophy is “retro, yet modern, classic, yet fashionable“. While Agete offers simple designs that can be worn to work, it also has a line that has a touch of bohemian style.

Photo by LittleOrangetree on Flickr
Photo by LittleOrangetree on Flickr

The brand is known for its bold usage of gemstones in various bright colors and also K10 and K18 gold which gives its products a classy and modern appeal. Similarly, it also uses turquoise stones, pearls, and delicate gold plates to create a chic, modern look which appeals to young women everywhere.


Fujimori was established in 1970 and has quickly grown popular among Japanese jewelry brands. Above all, the brand specializes in abstract and playful designs, skillfully merging classic and contemporary styles to bring unique products. As a result, it appeals to a larger crowd of people.

Their core collection is beautiful and charming. However, its design has a certain curiosity about it that pulls you in with eye-catching contours and bold colors. After all, it is designed for the eclectic, playful, modern youth who want to look classy and fresh. Fujimori also handpicks and sources every stone carefully to ensure the highest quality is used in their designs. After that, their most talented artisans help realize the brand’s vision of making creative and unique jewelry.

Oz Abstract

Oz Abstract Co., Ltd. is a Japanese standard-setting jewelry and accessory designer. It was established in 2004 and is also the most unique brand on this list. Rather than making delicate and colorful jewelry, Oz Abstract focuses on gothic and rock jewelry in plain colors and shocking designs. For instance, their designs are heavily inspired by everything from the mid-evil era to urban culture, music, fantasy monsters, and metal goth aesthetics.

Oz Abstract and its teams lead the scene by setting industry trends. As a result, they have quickly become popular among young men and women who want something that breaks away from the norms. Firstly, from design to the quality of material, their master jewelers and forgers spare no detail. In addition, they never compromise on design aesthetics or their vision to bring unique products to their customers.

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