Cool 8 Hi-Tech Japanese Gadgets

Japan comes up with futuristic products every year. And these innovative products continue to amaze the rest of the world! For example, who could have thought that a Bluetooth device can monitor your chewing patterns? Or a live scanner for your food to tell you how much calories you are about to consume. Even though a lot of gadgets are still in the prototype stage, here are 8 gadgets you can actually buy!

  1. Electronic Toilet Seat
  2. Electric Water Boiler
  3. Deodorizing Hanger
  4. Electronic Dictionary
  5. Musio, the Robot
  6. Hi-Tech Drones
  7. Biological Clock Regulator
  8. Smart Shoes

If you are on a trip to Japan, shopping can be fun while you go about looking for these and other innovative gadgets. However, we will tell you how you can get your hands on these amazing products even if you are not in Japan. Check out these products in detail below.

Prototype foldable phone. Photo by shawon.nsr shawon on Flickr.
Prototype foldable phone. Photo by shawon.nsr shawon on Flickr.

Electronic Toilet Seat

Photo by Ichiban Podcast on Flickr
Photo by Ichiban Podcast on Flickr

One thing that nobody can stop gushing about after their trip back from Japan is the toilets! Funny, but true. Also, this is one of those rare times when using a toilet in a new country might seem bizarre or even intimidating! And the reason is the sophisticated electronic toilets they have. The toilet seat with a sidearm complete with buttons might seem confusing. More so, because the instructions are in Japanese.

These are called ‘washlets‘, and rightly so! It has a nozzle fitted in the seat that dispels water jets. There are two modes – one to clean the bottom and one for bidet wash. And that’s not all. The temperature of the water can also be adjusted. No more ice-cold water in the nether regions in winter. Some toilets also come with music. No embarrassing sounds escaping the toilet! Here’s a video that shows how to use the toilet.

How to use a Japanese toilet?

If you are worried about the nozzle being unhygienic, don’t fret. The self-cleaning nozzle cleans itself after every use. If you are still unsure, just press a button and the nozzle will again clean itself for a minute. All new and shiny! Brands such as Toto and Panasonic make these toilet seats that are shipped outside Japan, too. So, you no longer need to visit Japan to use these hi-tech toilets!

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Electric Water Boiler

Photo from Wikimedia Commons
Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Water boiling might seem like a pretty straightforward, mundane task. But not in Japan. The Japanese have identified the science behind boiling water and used it to come up with a hi-tech water boiler. The features will amaze you. Japan is known for its love for tea. And every tea needs hot water at just the right temperature to get that perfect brew. The same is the case with soups and instant ramen.

The electric water boiler comes in handy due to the multiple settings it can be run on. From boiling the water for the exact time required to keeping water at the exact temperature, the settings take care of everything. The micro computerized temperature control keeps the water at the same temperature for as long as you want. Here’s a review of the Zojirushi Hybrid Water Boiler.

Working of a Hybrid Electric Boiler

The non-stick interiors make it easy to clean it. The LCD control panel is easy to operate. The water can be dispensed with just one touch. There is also an option to control the drip-rate. The dechlorinate feature prevents musty odor if you are using tap water.

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Deodorizing Hanger

This is really a cool gadget. An electronic hanger that deodorizes clothes! You know how sometimes you wear a shirt but its not dirty enough to go for washing yet. But there is this musty smell, so you are not sure if you want to wear it again. Deodorizing hangers to the rescue!

Panasonic makes these hangers using the nanoe X technology. It uses a nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particle device. It inhibits pollen and takes away the bad smell. This is a great option for clothes that need a dry clean such as suit jackets and silk shirts. These are the clothes that absorb dust and sweat inside out. A deodorizer hanger can reduce the frequency of the need for dry cleaning while keeping them fresh for longer.

The hangers run on batteries, power supply, and even mobile batteries. The hangers can run on two modes – 5 hours and 7 hours. The battery consumption is low and this makes it a very economical option to keep your clothes smelling good.

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Electronic Dictionary

Photo by peter-rabbit on Flickr
Photo by peter-rabbit on Flickr

The humble, ubiquitous dictionary gets a makeover! Japan has these innovative electronic dictionaries that let you refer, on the go! An electronic dictionary can be extremely resourceful for students or people learning a new language. It comes with full content from best-selling dictionaries. The full HD LCD screen is convenient and the device is easy to use for students. Also, it has a calculator and a spelling checker.

The enhanced search function can help to quickly view a word or for quick jumps. Whenever you come across a new word, it can be quickly searched to get the meaning and usage. The device is ideal for school children who might not have access to a smartphone.

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Musio, the Robot

Photo by li chao on Flickr
Photo by li chao on Flickr

Musio is a social robot developed by AKA intelligence. It is based on deep learning AI algorithms. It is commercially available, too. Musio can recognize objects. It can also read facial expressions. And, it can have a conversation with us with as much robotic empathy as it can muster. This is because Musio has an emotional engine. It can display a range of facial expressions to complement the conversation.

The deep learning AI quantum engine for communication is known as MUSE. It understands the user’s moods based on language, expressions, and gestures. It also understands the textual language and spoken communication.

Musio is a social robot that can be used for educational purposes. It is quite beneficial to aid conversations when people are learning a new language. It also has ‘grammar correction‘. So if you say something grammatically incorrect, the bot can correct you. It also checks the speaker’s pronunciation. And it does all this in a friendly manner without judging you! It has a conversation with the user that is gentle and kind.

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Hi-Tech Drones

Photo by Drones Rate on Flickr
Photo by Drones Rate on Flickr

Drones are becoming quite popular. But Japanese company ProDrone makes hi-tech commercial drones that are simply amazing. With handy designs and intelligent functions, these are some of the best drones available in the market. Depending on the use case, these drones can have either a zoom camera or a payload. They can be used for surveillance or for rescue operations.

Other notable features include water resistance, object detection, infrared camera, and LED searchlight. These drones also come with a tethering option for longer operation duration. If photography is the primary purpose, the drone can be fitted with a DSLR camera, too. It also allows optimizing of the camera angle. There is a forward stereo camera that helps in avoiding collisions.

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Biological Clock Regulator

This wearable gadget looks like it is straight from a sci-fi movie. But it is actually a biological clock regulator. The concept is of ‘reverse sunglasses‘. So, instead of shielding your eyes from the sunlight, it bathes them in light. This tells your body that it is daytime and helps you stay awake.

These glasses are suitable to tackle jetlag. Also, it can help if you have unbalanced sleep patterns. It prevents sleep at the wrong time by giving your brain a signal that its daytime. This way, you can readjust your rest pattern. In case of moderate jetlag or a few days of unbalanced sleep, the use of 30 minutes daily is recommended.

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Smart Shoes

Photo by Swallia23 on Flickr
Photo by Swallia23 on Flickr

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The smart shoes in Japan are much more than just LED shoes that look funky. These shoes can be paired with your smartphone through an app. And then, the possibilities are just endless. They have an audio/visual controller, too.

The LED colors can be customized. You can even choose a color to match your outfit. Add more flair to your dancing with these smart shoes. The LED lights can blink in time with the music with these shoes. The blink routines can be downloaded on the app and the lights will then blink according to the song. The shoes also have motion sensors to activate the LEDs when the feet are tapped.

The customization can be recorded and shared with others. Similarly, you can download the creations by other users. These shoes are great for live performances. And they are good even if you just want to add some pizzazz when you walk down the street!

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