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Top Japanese Fishing Rod Brands Today

Fishing is a popular leisure sport in Japan. Traditionally, Japan has been a leading manufacturer of fishing gear with brands that are preferred all over the world. Here are the top 10 Japanese brands for fishing rods.

  • Shimano
  • Megabass
  • Jackall
  • Imakatsu
  • Gan Craft
  • Daiwa
  • Nories
  • Raid Japan
  • Geecrack
  • Usaki Nissin

When it comes to fishing, often the focus is on the lures and the boat. However, the fishing rod is also a very important tool. A good rod can make your fishing time more enjoyable and productive. Finding the right fishing rod depends on several factors such as the type of fish you are looking to catch and the distance through which you want to cast the line.

Photo by Tyler C. Hellard on Flickr
Photo by Tyler C. Hellard on Flickr


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Photo by Shimano Calcutta on Flickr

Shimano is one of the oldest brands for fishing rods. Their fishing rods are known to be low in weight yet strong. They provide high sensitivity and superior grip. With new materials and technologies, they continue to improve the rods. The brand has come up with different series for fishing rods. All these rods are quite popular among fishing enthusiasts.

The brand started out with making rods from glass and moved on to using polyester resin. As they improved upon the designs, they started using ‘polybler’, and strong carbon fiber. They use different techniques to give their fishing rods a lightweight body and a great finish. No wonder then that this Japanese brand is well known all over the world for great fishing rods. Apart from rods, they also have reels and lures.


The brand designs fishing rods with high functionality for great performance. And these are fishing rods that are good-looking, too. The designs are artistic and provide optimum comfort during fishing. The Megabass brand claims that their fishing rods are not just tools to catch fish but something that fish enthusiasts would love to own! Great materials and unparalleled engineering ensure that the fishing rods give a superior user experience.

Photo by Raymond Yau on Flickr
Photo by Raymond Yau on Flickr

The fishing rods are designed by Yuki Ito. His experience in fishing technology and his passion for the sport shows in the bespoke designs. The designs are quintessentially Japanese. The craftsmanship used in their products is inspired by traditional Japanese craft. The philosophy of the brand is “Form follows Emotion“. And each product follows this philosophy to create products that users would love.


Jackall is a Japanese brand that produces fishing rods, lures, and other fishing accessories. They make casting as well as spinning fishing rods. The Jackall fishing rods are known for better balance and high sensitivity. The rods are designed to be lightweight but with a good grip. The one thing going about this brand is that they are priced really well with respect to the quality that they offer.

There is a line of Jackall fishing rods that are manufactured in collaboration with Shimano. However, the brand also has a good presence of its own in the fishing circles.


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Photo by Christian Biereth on Flickr

Imakatsu is a well-known Japanese brand that deals with different fishing lures. Their fishing rods are also quite popular due to the unique design features. The fishing rods are designed by Naoyuki Mihara.

The Rodeo Ride Reviver range from Imakatsu puts ease of use at the forefront. Keeping in mind the operability, the rods are made to make throwing easy. The rods have a good, firm grip. The Rodeo Ride Reviver is made for catching heavy bass. Thus, the rod design helps to stab the hook firmly before it is spit out. The rods are designed to enhance your fishing technique.

Gan Craft

Japanese brand Gan Craft has been popular for lures for many years. However, over a decade ago, they launched fishing rods, too. These rods are now easily available. They are also gaining popularity as good-quality fishing equipment.

The ‘Scarface’ from Gan Craft has banks made from strong carbon fiber. It helps to have better hooking. Gan Craft also makes custom rods for fishing.


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Photo by anglergear on Flickr

The brand Daiwa is well-known for the reels they produce. Their fishing rods, too, provide great quality at an affordable price. With designs made for durability and sensitivity, these lightweight rods are a great buy. They are carefully crafted with a water-resistant coating. These rods are great for use for a longer duration of time.

With cutting-edge technology and great designs, Daiwa has a decent range of fishing rods for all purposes. Whether you are a pro fisher or a beginner, Daiwa will have a rod that’s perfect for you.


Nories is founded by Norio Tanabe. He has used his extensive experience of fishing in Japan as well as America to launch a wide range of fishing accessories. Tanabe himself, along with other specialists design the products created under the brand Nories. The products are crafted based on real fishing experiences. And they are tested extensively to get the best quality. The designs combine traditional craftsmanship with modern designs.

The ideology behind the brand is to provide the joy of fishing for the users. They have a wide range of products suitable for all types of fishing styles and preferences.

Raid Japan

Raid Japan creates lures and anglers for fishing. For fishing rods, they have two series – Gladiator Maximum and Gladiator Anti. The rods come in different weights from ultra-light to heavy depending on the use and preference. The concept behind Gladiator Maximum and Gladiator Anti is almost the opposite. However, these two series only go on to prove that Raid Japan has a fishing rod for every use.


Geecrack was founded in Japan in 2014. However, the brand has quickly made its mark in the fishing arena fairly quickly. Today, it is a trusted brand for fishing rods and other accessories.

Geecrack has three series for fishing rods – Double Dutch, Double Dutch PG, and DD Galaxxy. The rods are powerful and rigid with high sensitivity. Most of the fishing rods by Geecrack feature an x-carbon wrapping butt. It gives a better grip and reduces twisting. It also provides better shock absorption.

Usaki Nissin

Usaki Nissin was founded over 70 years ago. The company started with manufacturing fishing rods made from bamboo. Keeping up with the improving technology in fishing rods manufacturing, they used glass fiber, carbon rods, and other materials. Their manufacturing unit is in Hyogo, Japan. They sell within Japan mostly. However, some of their products are available online, too.

The brand leverages the Japanese know-how on fishing techniques in its manufacturing process. It aims to provide high-quality products for professional as well as leisure fishing enthusiasts in Japan as well as the world over. Ares and Curtis are the well-known fishing rod series from Nissin.

There are fishing rods out there that are great for you whether you are just beginning to learn how to fish or whether you fish as a sport. Also, there are fishing rods for all budgets. And when it comes to the Japanese brands mentioned above, you can’t go wrong. So, which one are you going to choose?

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