Top 5 Japanese Refrigerator Brands

Like any other country in the world, a refrigerator is an essential household appliance in Japan. Known as reizōko (冷蔵庫), most refrigerators manufactured by a Japanese brand have extra shelves and compartments. So, the limitation of space is never an issue with these fridges.

Below is a list of top Japanese refrigerator brands that are not only popular in local markets but also have earned the confidence of numerous consumers worldwide.

When buying an expensive home appliance, like a refrigerator, choosing the right brand matters a lot because not all of them can pass the test of quality and functionality. Japanese refrigerator brands are exceptional in this case. The products they market are both reliable and highly practical. If you want to keep your groceries fresh, meat and fish items frozen, and beverages perfectly cold, choosing a model from a Japanese brand makes the most sense.

Japanese Refrigerator Brands
Japanese brands produce high-quality refrigerators (Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture / Flickr)

Top 5 Japanese Refrigerator Brands

This short review of Japanese refrigerator brands and recommendations of popular products will help you make the right purchase decision. A refrigerator is a sizable financial purchase, so choose your pick of brand and product carefully before shelling out the money.

Panasonic Corporation

Based in Osaka and formerly known as the Matsushita Electric Industrial, Panasonic is undoubtedly one of the major electronics companies in Japan. It started the journey as a lightbulb socket manufacturer but later expanded on producing other electronics.

Currently, the brand’s product line includes home appliances, home entertainment, cameras, air conditioners, mobile phones, and more.

The people at Panasonic always work to ensure a better life for their consumers. So, they always strive for advancing their products to make them serve better in the context of modern life. For example, it was the first company to produce flat-screen TVs with a radiance that is not harmful to human eyes.

Why buy Panasonic refrigerators?

Panasonic is a leader in the field of electronic machines and gadgets. In fact, the refrigerators it manufactures are excellent in food preservation, quick freezing, and preventing soft-frozen levels, thanks to the improved cooling technology.

Featuring sophisticated functions, the brand has different types of models in the inventory. Some product lines have Nano e, Ag Clean, or Hygiene Active feature that prevents odor and acts as anti-bacterial.

Founded: 1918


Popular Product: Panasonic 501L Eco-Navi NR-FVF505-W


Being a leader in the home appliance category, Hitachi has been catering to the needs of millions of people worldwide for decades. Inspired by the slogan “Inspire the next,” the people at the company do their best to cope up with the demands of modern consumers.

Initially, the Tokyo-based multinational company was a manufacturer of induction motors. Likewise other giant conglomerates, it expanded its business segments, including various types of home appliances. Its other business ventures cover energy solutions, IT, transport, and more.

Why buy Hitachi refrigerators?

Because of their functional design and optimum cooling performance. In fact, the recent Hitachi refrigerators have either of these three cooling features — Minus Zero, Air Jet Flow, or Frost Recycling technologies.

The first one is used for fridges with more than 300 liters of capacity. It has a quick-freezing capacity that keeps the freshness of the products intact. On the other hand, Air Jet Flow is for units with a lower capacity and it helps with even distribution of cold air to every corner.

Hitachi uses the Frost Recycling feature in some side-by-side units. It saves energy by switching off the compressor system after reaching a maximum cold temperature. Coupled with a few other techniques, Frost Recycling fridges save power consumption while maintaining a continuous cold airflow.

Founded: 1910


Popular Product: Hitachi Refrigerator R-HW52K XH

Sharp Corporation

“Sincerity and Creativity,” this is the motto that Sharp Corporation adheres to in terms of its business. Unlike many other business conglomerates, it does not simply focus on growth and profit. Rather, the company is about bringing forth innovative technology that actually helps people. The Japanese multinational company has its headquarter in Osaka Prefecture.

Apart from manufacturing refrigerators, Sharp manufactures some other electronics too such as mobile phones, solar panels, televisions, and more. The single-chamber and two-compartment fridges are produced in Egypt, Turkey, and Russia while production factories for two-compartment and side-by-side models are in Japan and Thailand.

Why buy Sharp refrigerators?

Equipped with modern technology, Sharp fridges are high-quality. In addition, they have a multi-dimensional quick cooling technology that spreads cold air evenly and keeps food fresh for a long time.

Another feature unique to Sharp refrigerators is the J-Tech Inverter technology. Compared to a traditional inverter fridge, Sharp models can save up to 37% of electrical power.

Sharp also has a number of side-by-side units in its inventory. These fridges offer plenty of storage space in addition to a 5x faster and more efficient cooling technology. The good news is that the utility bills still remain under control, thanks to the Eco Inverter.

Founded: 1912


Popular Product: SHARP Plasmacluster SJ-AW50F-R


Toshiba is another Japanese multinational company that has made a name around the world for producing various types of electronics. Despite being based in Tokyo, it has offices and sales operations in multiple countries around the world.

A merge of two companies in 1939 gave birth to Mitsubishi. However, it did not take long for the products of the company to become a household name. Also, the company manufactures electronic devices, building materials, items for energy systems, and many other things.

It sold the production of household appliances to the Chinese company Midea in 2016. So, this company currently produces refrigerators for the Toshiba brand.

Why buy Toshiba refrigerators?

It’s needless to say that the refrigerators from this brand keep all types of food items fresh and odor-free. In other words, Toshiba fridges keep the interior environment humid by distributing moist cold air across the area. This feature, along with the ethylene decomposing function, keeps vegetables and fruits fresh for a long time.

Founded: 1939


Popular Product: Toshiba VEGETA 330L GR-K33S

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Also known as Mitsubishi Denki kabushiki gaisha or MELCO, this is one of the core Mitsubishi companies. It made its name by producing a number of of electrical devices and equipment. The company’s headquarter is in Tokyo but it has outlets and operations in various countries across the world.

Mitsubishi produces various types of home products and other things. For example, there are items for building systems, air conditioners, communication systems, and more under the brand’s name. It has built production facilities across Japan and Thailand.

Why buy Mitsubishi refrigerators?

The engineers at Mitsubishi have always been innovative in their approach. When designing a product, they keep the needs of the consumers in mind.

The brand produces various types of refrigerators, including bottom mount, top mount, multi-drawer, and French door designs. That is to say, each type has its own unique benefits and downsides. However, all of them have an ergonomic design, save energy efficiently, preserve the freshness of the food, and technology for preventing the growth of bacteria.

Also, there are some inverter models that always keep a tab on the interior temperature. So, these refrigerators have features to adjust the compressor’s running speed and power for better performance and saving energy.

Founded: 1921


Popular Product: Mitsubishi Electric Refrigerator MR-R46E-W

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