The Best Japanese Speakers and Speaker Brands

Japan is a major hub for consumer electronics. It has a significant market for audio accessories. Headphones, earphones, computer speakers and home theater systems are made by reputed brands. Below are the top brands that make speakers in Japan.

  1. Yamaha
  2. Onkyo
  3. Pioneer Technical Audio Devices
  4. Sony
  5. Sansui
  6. Denon
  7. Sharp
  8. TOA Corporation

According to The Absolute Sound, the Japanese audio industry is complex. However, it is continuously evolving. The top brands in Japan are doing their bit in making high-quality audio gear. And in all the good products, Japan’s unique innovation shines through. And probably this is why these brands are popular outside Japan, too.

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Yamaha has a legacy that is over 130 years old. Along with musical instruments, Yamaha also makes a range of audio speakers. A lot of thought goes into making these speakers. The quality is top-notch. The designs are beautiful. And you also get to choose from a good variety. Yamaha is one of the most reputed brands to come from Japan in the audio industry.

Yamaha makes audio systems for home use as well as professional use. These speakers are considered as the most neutral speakers. This means they give the most realistic sound experience. Their surround sound systems and hi-fi stereo systems are quite popular. They provide consistent quality.

Yamaha speakers usually come with low distortion. This makes the sound clarity very good. Also, they offer good power handling. They sound great at soft volume as well as loud volume. This makes them versatile.

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Recommended ProductYamaha NS-AW150BL

Top Features

  • Clear sound
  • Controlled bass response
  • Great for home audio systems
  • Great quality at the price point



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Established in 1946, Onkyo makes quality audio systems. This Osaka-based company is popular for home theater systems. They also make standalone speakers.

Surround-sound with studio resolution is the highlight of their home theater gear. Bluetooth enabled wireless technology lets you stream audio from any compatible device. They can also be connected via USB input. You can easily connect the speakers to your computer, laptop, TV unit, or smartphone. It is a compact system that packs a punch. The powerful speakers are just what you need for small to medium-sized rooms.

The speakers look good, too! Their polished surfaces and stylish designs make them good additions to your homes. Enjoy amazing sound quality whether it’s movies or games. The complete home theater package makes absolutely no compromise with quality. You get to experience the best audio in a single package.

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Recommended ProductOnkyo HT-S3900 5.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver and Speaker Package

Top Features

  • Six piece surround sound system
  • Ideal for small and medium living spaces
  • Dolby trued audio decoding
  • Immersive audio speakers


Pioneer Technical Audio Devices

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Pioneer Corporation started in Tokyo as an audio repair shop in 1938. However, today, their TAD (Technical Audio Devices) range is hailed as a well-known brand. It mostly deals with consumer speakers.

Different designers have contributed to making good quality speakers for this brand. The brand believes in focusing more on sound quality than just the technology. The speakers are affordable and provide great quality.

The Andrew Jones speakers are named after the designer who has created them. They are known for their high performance. These award-winning speakers come with great reviews, too. The sound is clear and has a good bass rating, too.

Pioneer SP BS22 LR Review

Recommended ProductPioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Home Audio Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Top Features

  • Good bass accuracy
  • 6-component high quality crossover
  • Tweeter efficiency to give better quality and low power consumption



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Sony is a leading brand in consumer electronics. Their repute and quality are well-known. Sony makes great speakers for home use. Sony believes in the power of creativity and technology. And their speakers reflect this. Their speakers always provide value for money. They have an interesting range of speakers. It serves different consumer needs.

The quality and build of the speakers stand out in Sony. They function well for a long time. The performance is consistent. And these are very affordable speakers.

Compatible with home equipment, you cannot go wrong with their Bluetooth speakers. The GTK-XB90 speakers can liven up a home party instantly. With extra bass, the woofer quality is excellent, too. Overall, a great buy for music lovers.

Sony GTKXB90 Review

Recommended ProductSony GTKXB90 High Power Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Top Features

  • 16 hours of battery life
  • Infinity mirror lighting for a party atmosphere
  • Extra bass
  • Built-in handle for portability
  • Compatible with mic input
  • Customizable via a mobile app



Sansui is a well-known brand. This Japanese company makes a wide range of consumer electronics. Their party speakers can be the life of every party. You can bring home a superior audio experience with Sansui speakers. They are great for parties. But they also bring an immersive experience for watching movies or gaming.

The party speakers come in different variants. MusicBlast speakers are the ultimate party speakers. These speakers with disco lights are definite crowd-pleasers. The WaveBlast speakers are great for home use. They can completely transform a movie experience. They also are a great choice for Karaoke. The DrumBlast speakers offer portability. The BassBlast speakers with the heavy bass are just what you need for the heavy beats.

Sansui WaveBlast 1

Recommended ProductSansui WaveBlast 1

Top Features

  • Sleek tower design
  • Full remote control
  • Touch sensor switch
  • Instant play with USB support
  • Bluetooth connectivity



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Denon has a 110-year-old heritage. It has its roots in the nascent Japanese audio technology in 1910. From then to now, Denon is a global brand. They make wireless speakers as well as computer audio speakers. The home theater speakers offer great quality, too.

Denon’s speakers have simple, compact designs. Their small size makes it easy to integrate them with other devices. They also make sleek soundbars. With this, comes great sound quality in every product. The Denon Home 250 speakers have HD sound quality. They are also compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Denon Home 250 Review

Recommended ProductDenon Home 250 Wireless Speaker

Top Features

  • Internet radio streaming
  • Compact design
  • Great sound clarity
  • Realistic ‘live’ feel to the sound
  • Easy to set up



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Sharp Corporation is a leading name in consumer electronics. This Japanese company also offers some high-quality speakers. Like other products from Sharp, the speakers too are quite popular. The popularity is no longer limited to Japan. The brand is famous all over the world.

The Bluetooth speaker range has some great options. Sharp makes mini shelf speakers, too. They also make hi-fi stereo systems. The high-resolution audio makes for good sound clarity.

Their portable BoomBox speaker is very versatile. Whether you want to listen to some music with heavy beats or make movies sound great, this is for you. It promises good performance and portability.

Recommended ProductSharp GX-BT9X Large Portable Bluetooth BoomBox Speaker

Top Features

  • Compatible with Apple and Android devices
  • USB input guitar jack
  • Bass boost for heavy beats
  • Best value for money

TOA Corporation

TOA Corporation was established in 1949 in Hyogo. Today, TOA has production bases in 31 countries. It sells its products in over 120 countries. Their products are known for reliability and quality. They deal with a lot of audio equipment. This includes PA systems and commercial audio systems. They also make speakers for home use.

Their Pro-audio speakers have different types of speakers. With thoughtful designs and great sound quality, these are quite popular. Modular line array speakers and slim array speakers ensure immersive experience.

TOA HX5 and HX7

Recommended ProductTOA Electronics HX-5 Variable Dispersion Line Array Indoor Speaker

Top Features

  • Four speaker module
  • Orientation can be changed
  • Good sound quality
  • Work well even with background noise
  • Compact design


The brands mentioned above make some of the best speakers. However, buying the best speakers for your requirement needs some thought. The purpose and the size of the room are important factors. As a rule, bigger speakers give the highest volume. You also need to consider whether you want to mount the speakers or need ones that can be stood on the floor. Here’s an explainer video.

How to Choose Speakers?

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