Dating in Japan: Top 9 Japanese Dating Sites and Apps

Dating apps are making it possible for singles to meet, engage, and perhaps build something special.  But there are so many dating apps these days. Well, we did some research on the local Japanese dating scene. Consequently, we came up with 9 of the best dating apps in the country.  Here they are:

  1. Omiai
  2. Pairs
  3. JapanCupid
  4. OkCupid
  5. Tinder
  6. Tapple
  7. Bumble
  8. Hatch
  9. Zexy Koimusubi

All of these apps are different. While some are strictly created for Japanese locals, others may be perfect for foreigners. Either way, they allow you to meet interesting people in the country, especially if you’re too busy to socialize. We will be going through each of them and listing key features for you and additional necessary info.

Dating apps in Japan

Omiai (Web/iOS/Android)

Omiai is one of the most authentic Japanese dating apps out there. So far it has amassed over 4 million users. The app is only available in Japanese.

Translated Omiai Home Page

But don’t worry, you can translate your way through and enjoy its amazing features. Here are some of its key features:

  • The app has an excellent pedigree in the local dating scene with millions of satisfied users
  • It’s free to register but you will need a payment plan to unlock key features in the app.
  • The perfect app for people looking for meaningful long term connections
  • The app offers a unique “good relationship report” feature. It gives you detailed accounts of people who met via the app and where they are now.
A translated Good Relationship Report feature on the App

How Does It Work?

So, the first step is to create your account. Once you are there, you can use the Omiai search tool to filter out available singles. The search tool allows you to filter results based on 24 different attributes. This gives you a good chance to find specifically what you are looking for.

Translated Step by Step on how the app works

When you finally find someone you’d like to connect with, just send them a message. You can then continue to talk and see where the conversation goes. Please note that you’ll only be able to send messages with a paid subscription. We will be discussing payment plans here below.

Sign Up and Payment Plans

The Omiai dating app is available for download for both iOS and Android devices. You will however be required to sign up with your Facebook account or your phone number. This is purposefully done to prevent spam accounts. Once you are signed up, you can start perusing through singles and making connections. Omiai is a paid dating service. Payment plans vary. However, it is free for women. As for men, you can choose between four major plans. We have listed them in the table below

PlanPrice inclusive of tax (Yen)
12 month plan $18 (1,950 Yen)
6 months plan $18 (1,990 Yen)
3 months plan $30 (3,320 Yen)
1 month plan $37 (3,980 Yen)
Price Breakdown for Omiai

In case Omiai seems like a great dating app for you, you can get the iOS version here. Be sure to also check out this Android version. The app is available on the web too through this website

Pairs (Web/iOS/Android)

Pairs is also an authentic Japanese app. Just like Omiai, it is a homegrown matching making service. The app has managed to deliver over 10 million matches since it came to market. This makes it one of the most popular dating platforms in the country, especially considering how busy people can be in Japan.

Translated Pairs Homepage

Pairs is normally popular with young Japanese working-class men. The app is also available in Taiwan and Korea. It offers an easy 3-step sign up process free of charge. You only need your Facebook account and that’s it. Here are some of its key features:

  • Pairs has a very strong community of users. The app gets up to 8000 subscribers in Japan every day.
  • The app also has mandatory age verification to enhance overall integrity.
  • You will also get very reliable anti-spam filters to weed out scammers and spam accounts
  • Excellent trust score with over Ten million matches already.

Translated Pairs Community Page

How Does It Work

Pairs works almost similarly to Omiai. The first thing is to sign up with them using your Facebook account. In case you don’t want to give out your full name, no need to worry. Pairs allows you to use your initials for anonymity.

How Pairs Works (Translated from Japanese)

After your account is set up, head to its rich search tool. The app offers dozens of filters to help you narrow down your options better. When you finally see someone interesting, just send them a like. If they like you back, you can start messaging.

Sign Up and Payment Plans

Pairs, just like Omiai, is a paid service. Premium packages are gender-specific. For instance, there is a female-only package and male packages too. You can also go for a private mode package that lets you maintain full anonymity on the app. The table below breaks down the prices.

Premium PlansMonthly Fees
Male Premium Subscription $33 (3,590 Yen)
Female Only Package $27 (2,990 Yen)
Private mode (Browse anonymously) $23 (2,560 Yen)
Monthly Subscription Fees for Pairs

You can get Pairs on iOS through this link here. The App is also available for Android users here and you can still use the web version on this site.

JapanCupid (Web/Android)

JapanCupid is an international dating site that has a strong presence in Japan. The site is owned by Cupid Media, a Sydney-based dating company that operates dating sites in over 30 countries. JapanCupid is perfect for both locals and foreigners.

Japan Cupid on Web

It has sections on its website dedicated to western singles and others dedicated to Japanese singles. If you are looking to strike an oriental match next time you’re in Japan, this would be the site for you. It is also available in Japanese and English. Here are some of its main features:

  • It has tens of thousands of both local Japanese and western singles to choose from.
  • The site offers three packages, one free, and two premium subscriptions to choose from.
  • It also gives you access to genuine user-profiles and photos of interesting singles.
  • The site is perfectly suited for Japanese locals wishing to meet international love interests. It is also ideal for people on a short term visit to Japan.
Millions of user are on JapanCupid

How Does It Work

JapanCupid works in three simple steps. First, open up an account and register your profile. Upload as many photos as you can. Profiles with many genuine photos are more likely to get matched. Secondly, start browsing photos from other users.

How JapanCupid works

Be sure to also try out the search feature on the website. It helps you single out potential matches based on specific attributes. Find someone you like and send them an “Interest”. If they like you back, then you can start talking through messages

Sign Up and Payment Plans

Signing up for JapanCupid is free. Users sign up with a Facebook account in less than 2 minutes. The dating app offers three packages including Standard, Gold, and Platinum. The Standard package is free. It lets you browse through available singles and send them an interest. However, you can only communicate with them if they are paying members.

The Gold package on the other hand lets you communicate freely with everyone on the platform. Platinum is however the most advanced package. It gives you access to many goodies. We have broken down these packages here below.

PlanWhat it offers
Standard (Free)Basic Matches, Send an Interest, Exchange messages with paying customers
Gold ($29.99 or 3200 Yen)All standard level features plus, Exchange messages with all members, Ad-free experience, Live Chat support, Browse anonymously
Platinum ($34 or 3700 Yen)All Gold level perks are included, Profile highlighting as a VIP, Advanced matching algorithms, Translation of all messages into your preferred language, Your messages appear on his or her inbox higher than  other members
JapanCupid Pricing Plans

The only downside with JapanCupid is the fact that it doesn’t have an iOS app. But you can get the Android version here or use the web version.

OkCupid (Web/iOS/Android)

Let’s say you are looking for a dating app that works. But, you don’t want to pay any monthly fees. Well, look no further because OkCupid is here for you. It is the only dating app in Japan that does not require a paid subscription to send messages. This is not to say the app is free. Two premium subscriptions allow you to unlock more features. 

OkCupid Homepage

OkCupid is an international app perfectly suited for foreigners in Japan. Please also note that OkCupid is not the same as JapanCupid. These are two entirely different dating apps, owned and operated by different companies. Here are some key features to look out for:

  • The App is available in several global languages, including English and Japanese
  • Mostly used by singles between the ages of 20 and 30s. This makes it a good bet to meet singles for long term relationships
  • You don’t need a paid subscription to create an account, view or browse photos, and send or receive messages.
  • The app has all sexual orientations and genders to choose from too.
Millions of People have connected on OkCupid

How Does it Work

Get signed up first. OkCupid will ask up to 15 questions when you create your account. These questions are designed to help you attract similar or better matches through OkCupid’s special algorithm. After that, you can start browsing through the list of singles on the platform.

OkCupid’s specialized Algorithms

Hit Like if you see anyone interesting. If you are feeling lucky, send them a message. Now, here things get interesting. You see a potential match will only see your message if they’ve liked you too. In that case, you may want to hold back sending messages until there is a Like from him or her.

Sign Up and Payment Plans

Joining OkCupid is free. The site also gives you access to messaging under its free package. Nonetheless, there are two main paid packages. The first one is called the “A-List Basic”. The second plan is the A-List Premium. Here is a breakdown of the pricing plans for both of these premium packages.

Monthly PlanFeatures
A-List Basic ($5 or 540 Yen)Ad-free, search based on attractiveness score, see who likes you and reads your messages
A-List Premium ($10 or 1075 Yen)All A-List Basic features, profile boost, profile visibility among women with higher attractiveness scores.
OkCupid Prices and Plans

You can get the OkCupid iOS app on this link. The App is also available for Android users here. Check out the web version here as well if you are not in a position to use iOS or Android.

Tinder (Web/iOS/Android)

Tinder is an international dating app very popular in Japan. The app often gets a bad rep as the “hookup” app. Don’t get me wrong. It’s possible to use Tinder for casual encounters. But it’s also a nice dating app to meet new friends and build long term relationships.

Tinder’s Homepage

The great thing about Tinder is that it connects you with people fairly close to you. So, if you ever reach a place where you are comfortable inviting your match for a drink, it will be relatively easier. Here are some additional features to keep in mind;

  • It’s very easy to use the app and set up an account
  • Start swiping right on singles right away without a paid subscription
  • Match with singles closest to you
  • Only match with people who are already interested in your profile

How Does It Work?

Tinder is by far one of the easiest dating apps to use. First, sign up using Facebook, Google, or your mobile phone number. Once your account is set up, you will get a feed of available singles closest to you. Swipe right if you’re interested and left if you’re not. Keep swapping until you hit a match.

Getting Started on Tinder

Tinder matches you with people who are only interested. In essence, if you swipe right on someone, and they swipe right on you, then you will both be matched. A message box appears after that where you can start talking.

Sign Up and Payment Plans

Tinder is free to join. The app also offers you a limited number of likes/swipes. This limits the number of times you can swipe right on the platform. Once this limit is reached, you can either wait for a few hours for it to renew, or purchase additional likes and continue swiping. There are two paid subscriptions to consider should you decide to get additional likes. We have broken them down in the table below.

Monthly Features
Tinder Plus ($9.99 or 1072 Yen)Unlimited Likes, one profile boost a month, no ads, Rewind, 5 Super Likes, and the Passport feature.
Tinder Gold ($29.99 or 3219 Yen)All Tinder Plus features, See all singles who like you before swiping.
Tinder Paid Subscriptions

Tinder is available on Web, on iOS, and on Android as well. Get the web version here anytime. As for iOS users, get the app here or click this link for the Android version.

Tapple (Web/iOS/Android)

Tapple is a unique local-based Japanese dating app that takes a different approach. Instead of having you search for tens of thousands of profiles, the app simply lets you fill in personality questions. These questions are designed to identify your interests, including the kind of singles you are looking for. Once you’ve filled these questions, the app automatically puts you in a group of people who share the same interests.

Translated Tapple homepage

You can then start swiping through these groups and see if you find someone. Tapple works more like Tinder at this stage. For example, if you see an interesting profile in your group, you can either hit like or Super Like. If you are not interested, just hit Skip. Tapple has some incredible features as well and here are some of them:

  • Tapple delivers over 250, 000 pairs in Japan every day
  • It also reports up to 10,000 successful couples born out of its platform each month
  • The app connects you with people who you share the same interests.
  • Mandatory age verification is required when you open an account for the integrity
250, 000 Matches everyday

How Does It Work

Tapple signs you up through Facebook or Gmail. You will then be required to fill personality questions that best describe your interests. The app’s algorithm then puts you in categories of people who best fit your interests. After that, you can start swiping through the feed inside the particular category until you find someone.

Sign Up and Payment Plans

It’s free to join Tapple. However, you still need to pay a flat monthly fee to enjoy its matchmaking services. But women do not pay to use the app. A free plan will still allow you to swipe and match with interested couples.

10, 000 Couples every month

You can receive messages from paying customers. But you cannot send them with a free account. A Paid version on the other hand lets you send and receive messages from anyone. You also get additional premium features like “outing”, advanced search, and others. Here are the prices.

1 month plan $34 (3,700 yen)
3 months plan $30 (3,200 yen)
6 months plan $26 (2,800 yen)
12 month plan $20 (2,234 yen)
Price Break Down for Tapple

This dating is also available for web, iOS, and Android. Get the iOS app here and the Android version on this page. You can also use the web-based version here.

Bumble (Web/iOS/Android)

Bumble is often marketed as a women-friendly dating app. This is not to mean that guys can’t use it. If anything, the concept makes it easier for men to meet genuine women.

Bumble’s Homepage

Bumble, just like Tinder, is a location-based dating app. In other words, it only connects you with people closest to you.  Here are a few other notable features to look out for in Bumble.

  • The dating app gives priority to women. Only women can make the first move (sending the first message)
  • It’s a location-based app that makes dating easier by connecting you with people in your locale
  • Great app to network and make new friends in new places
  • Has over 50 million users globally, a sign of its pedigree.
Lot’s of singles on Bumble

How Does It Work?

So, as with all the other apps, the first step is to sign up with your phone number, Facebook, or your Apple account. Once your account is created, start swiping. You will be matched with someone if you like them, and they like you back. More like how Tinder works. However, once you’ve matched with a potential date, only the woman can initiate the conversation. If she does not within 24 hours, the match disappears.

Sign Up and Payment Plans

Bumble is completely free to use. You can swipe, match, and exchange messages on the platform without paying anything. The dating app does however offer some premium features for a fee. Bumble Boost is the highest premium plan. It costs $25 a month and will let you see who has liked you already.

The Bumble effect

The feature also allows you to extend matches by an additional 24 hours. You can also get Bumble Coins, an in-house currency that lets you unlock additional app features such as spotlight and super swipe.

Bumble is also available on all major platforms and on the web. Get the iOS version here or the Android one here. You can also use Bumble on the Web anytime.

Hatch (iOS)

Hatch is also a ladies-first kind of app that works more or less like Bumble. Only women have the right to start off a conversation when you are matched. For a same-sex match, either party can send the message first.

Translated Hatch Homepage

Matches also expire within 24 hours. Hatch is available only as an iOS app. It’s also location-based so it will be great for meeting people in your town. Here are some of its key features:

  • Women-friendly app with genuine singles
  • Offers a “spotlight” color system that allows you to match with people of similar interests
  • The app also allows you to filter potential matches based on langue
  • It is available in both English and Japanese
Color code system to narrow down your interests

How Does It Work?

The first step is to download the iOS app from the app store and install it on your phone. Sign up with your personal details and start swiping. Hatch allows you to color-code your interests so as to meet people who are more aligned with you. Green means you are looking for casual encounters, Yellow means you want something serious and red means you are taken but want to make more friends. Be sure to indicate your color spotlight and filter your search based on these colors.

filter users by Language on Hatch

So, once you’ve matched with a potential date, it will be up to the woman to send the message. This must be done within 24 hours. If it’s not, the match goes away and you start all over again.

Sign Up and Payment Plans

Hatch is completely free to use. There are however several in-app purchases that let you unlock additional features. But signing up, swiping, matching, and messaging are all free of charge. Hatch is available as an iOS app here.

Zexy Koimusubi (Web/iOS/Android)

Zexy Koimusubi, as you can probably guess from the name, is a very playful app. But don’t let this fool you. It’s still a solid dating app with lots of singles. One thing that really sets it apart is the fact that the ratio of men to women is 50-50.

Translated Zexy Koimusubi home page

The app also demands age and identity verification in order to prevent unauthorized users. This basically means that you can be sure you are connecting with genuine people on the platform. The app is, however, only available in Japanese. Here are some of its key features:

  • The dating app offers some very effective spam filters
  • You get quick sign up with Facebook or your local phone number
  • Zexy Koimusubi also has a playful feel to it, which should make it easier to use.
  • The app maintains a report of couples who met and fell in love through its platform
  • It also lets your swipe anonymously
Happy Couples from Zexy Koimusubi

How Does It Work

Zexy Koimusubi is an easy to use app. Get started by signing up with your Facebook account or phone number. The app will harvest specific information from your social media platform. However, you will be required to verify your age and your identity before you start using the platform. Once you have completed those steps, start swiping for potential singles. If you come across someone interesting, send them a like or a message. Continue talking and see where the conversation leads.

Ratio of men to women is 50-50 on the platform

Sign Up and Payment Plans

Zexy Koimusubi is free to join. You will however need to pay 100 Yen upfront for name and identity verification. This fee applies to both men and women. After that, women get to use the app free. However, men need a paid plan to access premium features including unlimited messaging. You also get more likes each month to let you pursue as many interests as you can. Paying users also get to appear first on search results. Here is a breakdown of the payment plans for men:

12 month plan $18 (1,980 Yen)
6 months plan $25 (2,755 Yen)
3 months plan $28 (2,997 Yen)
1 month plan $32 (3,480 Yen)
Price Breakdown for Zexy Koimusubi

Zexy Koimusubi is available on the web, iOS, and Android. Feel free to get the iOS app here. The Android App is available here too and also check out the Web version here.

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