apan Beauty products are very popular among users

Where to Buy Beauty Products in Japan

Japanese beauty lines such as cosmetics, body care, or skincare products, are a trend among celebrities and influencers. Their excellent quality and properties are what foreigners and locals love the most. Keep reading and discover where to buy the best options! 

Chain stores like Matsumoto Kiyoshi or Daiso are some of your best options to buy beauty products in Japan. You can also go to specific stores such as Isetan Mirror in Tokyo, Cosme Kitchen in Osaka, or Kotoshina in Kyoto, to mention a few.

In Japan, you have plenty of options to choose from if you are looking for beauty products. From the common chain stores to exclusive boutiques. If you are in Japan or planning to visit soon, you must go to the most popular beauty stores. There, you will find beauty products of brands such as Shiseido or Kosé with the best value for money.  

Why Purchase Beauty Products in Japan?

Japanese Skincare products are trend among users.
Japanese Skincare products are trend among users.

People are crazy about Japanese beauty products because they represent the “less is more” beauty approach. Among other reasons to buy these type of products, we can also mention:

  • Japanese beauty products represent and promote a more sophisticated beauty.
  • They provide simple but effective beauty routines that save you time.
  • Its essence is orientated to prevent the typical skin issues that may arise in the future before they appear.
  • Unlike other products, Japanese beauty brands and skincare products provide long-term beauty.
  • A combination of tradition and technology to meet the highest customer’s expectations.

Now, if you are in this amazing country, the big question is, where to buy beauty products in Japan?

Recommended Chain Stores in Japan to buy Beauty Products

In most Japanese chain stores you can find beauty products for less than $1.
In most Japanese chain stores you can find beauty products for less than $1.

Chain drug stores are places where you can buy products from different categories at a very low price. Generally, in this type of store, you can buy clothes, sanitary or household goods, drink, snacks, and of course, beauty products.

Buying beauty products in a Japanese chain store is a very cool experience. You will find many complementary products and tools for your beauty routine. The most popular options in the country are:

Matsumoto Kiyoshi

One of the biggest branches of the chain in Tokyo.

Matsumoto Kiyoshi is one of the most important chain stores in Japan. In fact, you will find 1.500 stores around the country. Maybe you think that you will only find the basic products there, but actually, these stores are stocked with makeup and skincare products of the most recognized brands.

Travelers don’t think they will visit a drug store during their trip to Japan. However, they end up finding what they need in Matsumoto Kiyoshi.

Why Visit There Beauty Brands 
-Price Tag
-Variety of products
-Tax-free products. 
– Canmake
– Shiseido
– Kate
– Tsubaki
– Hada Labo 
– Lululun


One of the most popular branches of Daiso chain in Osaka.

In Japan, you will find plenty of these stores with very competitive prices and high-quality beauty products that will surprise us for their low prices.

It is said to be a “one dollar” kind of store in Japan, so most of the products cost 100 yens, which is equal to $0,93. However, these prices don’t include taxes, which represent 8% of the price.

Why Visit ThereBeauty Brands 
– Price Tag 
– 2500 stores across Japan.
– The Japanese version of the $1 store.
– The variety and product rotation. 
– Sake
– Daiso products

Stores to buy Beauty Products in Tokyo

Japanese beauty brands are well known for their great quality.
Japanese beauty brands are well known for their great quality.

Besides buying Japanese beauty products in chain stores, you can also visit boutiques dedicated exclusively to offer beauty products in Tokyo such as:

Ainz & Tulpe

This is a makeup and skincare store that offers local and foreign beauty products. The one located in Harajuku is the most popular because it has a wide variety of products that will drive you crazy. In addition, the shopping experience is simply amazing and easy. 

Why Visit ThereBeauty Brands 
– The store shows a list of best sellers to give you an idea of what to buy. 
– Wide aisles.
– Mirrors and tissues available to try products with comfort.  
– Canmake
– K-Palette
– Dolly Wink
– Kate 

Isetan Mirror

We are talking about a luxury cosmetics and skincare store located around the city. They offer both foreign and Japanese luxury beauty products. However, each store sells different brands, which means that you need to verify on their website the offer from the one you will visit.

Why Visit ThereBeauty Brands 
– A great option when looking for professional products. 
– The full shopping experience of testing before buying. 
– Tax-free shopping for visitors. 
– Shiseido
– Luna Sol

Stores to buy Beauty Products in Osaka

Osaka has different options for eco-friendly Japanese cosmetics.

Osaka is also one of the first destinies when visiting Japan. Some of the best options to buy beauty products are: 

Cosme Store

We are talking about a multi-brand beauty store where you will find the best seller items in the market. One of the qualities that people love the most about this store is the fact that all items are classified by the ranking of users. This is perfect to have an idea about their most popular products.

Why Visit ThereBeauty Brands
– Competitive prices. 
– Easy shopping experience. 
– Well-trained personal shoppers to help you. 
– Personal testing area to try products. 
– Keana 
– Clayge 
– Fairydrops 
– Cosme Nippon

Cosme Kitchen

In this store, you will find natural and organic beauty products from different brands across the world. Moreover, they also offer eco-friendly home products. Visitors appreciate they count with a team of vendors that will help you to find the best products for your specific needs.

Why Visit ThereBeauty Brands 
– Eco-friendly beauty products from local brands. 
– You can try the products. 
– They have a best-seller section on its website. 
-Organic Botanics 

Stores to buy Beauty Products in Kyoto

Kyoto has plenty local beauty stores to find the best products.

Of course, we couldn’t forget Kyoto, where you can find excellent options to buy Japanese Beauty products such as: 


This is a brand created in Kyoto that collaborates with France to offer organic cosmetics. Their products have great quality and are designed to people with specific skin issues or allergic reactions to commercial beauty products. Most buyers affirm their vendors are very kind and helpful.

Kotoshina brand elaborates its beauty products with natural components with the highest quality standards such as:

  • Green Tea components.
  • French Spa Water.
  • Tea Seed oil.
Why Visit ThereBeauty Brands
– The store has a relaxing atmosphere.
– Organic products for sensitive skin. 
– Natural ingredients.
– Kotoshina Beauty Line


This store initially started as an exclusive place for makeup professionals in the art industry. However, they developed the “Oil-Blotting Paper” that became a flagship product of this store. It’s basically a paper that absorbs excessive sebum secretions from the skin without removing a single drop of makeup.

They are also recognized due to their awesome “Body Oil”, which is very special by not leaving you with a sticky sensation on your skin. It’s made from jojoba seed oil, almond oil, and arginine oil. Besides their most popular products, users also recommend trying their fragrances, which are very accessible to buy as a souvenir.

Why Visit ThereBrands
– Awesome design of a traditional Japanese house with a nice garden. 
– Perfect products for gifts
– Store with tradition and history. 
– High-quality products. 
– Yojiya Beauty Line

Things to keep in mind while Purchasing Beauty Products in Japan

Most beauty products in Japan don't have english labels.
Most beauty products in Japan don’t have english labels.

Buying Japanese beauty products is an adventure for fashion lovers. However, consider these recommendations to make the most of your shopping experience:

  1. Most vendors don’t speak English. However, they are very kind and they will do their best to help you find what you are looking for. 
  2. Not all product labels are in English, so you can create a little guide with basic words in Japanese such as moisturizer, cleanser, serum, etc.
  3. You will find tons of products (I mean it). In this manner, to avoid losing time and money, it’s better to go with clear ideas about what you are looking for and need. 
  4. If you are allergic, looking for vegan products, or you have specific skin issues, a little note with some of these details in Japanese will help sellers to find the best products faster.

Little Guide to help you buy in Japan Beauty Stores

Buying in Japan will be easier if you have information about the brands.
Buying in Japan will be easier if you have information about the brands.

If you are not very sure about what to find when you look for beauty products in Japan, here is a little guide about the most popular Japanese beauty brands and why are they recognized: 

Beauty Line 
MakeupMuji, Kosé, Majolica Majorca, Flow Fushi, Fairydrops, Shiseido, Sensai. 
Body careHada Labo, Keana, Perfect One, Vasilisa, Yokota Towel.
SkincareLululun, Keana, Hanajirushi,Cosme Nippon.
HaircareTsubaki, Clayge, Nature Lab Tokyo, Komenuka Bijin.

Japan has a wide variety of brands to choose from. In this manner, the best store to buy beauty products will be the one that allows you to take your own time testing different products. But most importantly, the one with a team of professionals who can guide you across your shopping experience. 

In addition, Japanese beauty products really worth it, but they aren’t always cheap. In this case, you need to invest your money in a store where you can find the right products that meet your skin needs. 

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