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Buying a Laptop in Japan: a Guide for Purchasing a Laptop and Peripherals

For buying a laptop and peripherals in Japan you must know where to go to get the best deal. Here’s all you need to get your money’s worth! 

Prices of laptops and peripherals in Japan are incredibly competitive, and you can buy from any of the big-box electronic stores like Bic Camera and KS Denki. If you are in Tokyo, check out Bic Camera Ikebukuro, while in Osaka, Yamada Denki Labi 1 Namba is the one to go for the best deals.

Buying laptops and peripherals from electronic stores in Japan is very popular amongst tourists. We have covered the major big chain electronic stores in Japan and how you can get the best deal from these stores. We have all included some of the recommended stores you should check out in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka for buying a laptop.

Peripherals in a Japanese electronic store
a wide variety of keyboards in “Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba”

Why Purchase Laptop in Japan

Japanese electronics (“Denki” in Japanese) are very popular worldwide and that includes shopping for some excellent laptops and peripherals. The electronic stores in Japan are becoming increasingly popular amongst tourists because of their extensive collection, variety, high-quality products, and excellent service. 

Visitors from all over the world come to Japan looking forward to shopping. Tokyo is considered the shopping paradise of the country. Electronics is one of the must-buy things from Japan because of its high-quality electronic products, especially items like laptops, cameras, etc. 

But an important question comes to mind, as a visitor, where to buy electronics products in Japan? 

Inside an electronic Store in Japan
Also to be found: a wide range of headphones

Big Retail Electronic Stores that Sell Laptops and Peripherals

Big chain electronic stores in Japan deal with a range of electronic appliances, including laptops and peripherals. They have a wide selection of options, and their affordable prices are some of the major selling points for the chain of electronic retail stores.

Sales staff in these big chain electronic stores are very knowledgeable about the different brands of laptops. Some of the stores even provide you with multilingual services, so even if you don’t know Japanese, you’ll still be able to discuss it with them. 

Bic Camera, Yodobashi Camera, and Yamada Denki are the major big-box electronic retailers in Japan. They are known as ‘The Big 3’ electronic big-box retailers. Because of the competition amongst them to defeat one another, you can get some exciting deals in price-cutting wars in regions like Ikebukuro and Shinjuku. 

Almost all of these big-box electronic stores accept international credit cards for payment. So, you don’t have to carry cash around while shopping.

But, if you choose to buy from a smaller shop, the best way to shop is to do a web search. It will ensure that you are not getting overcharged for anything. You might even find that the small shop is a subsidiary of one of the larger electronic stores. 

Big-box electronic retail stores in Shinjuku, Tokyo
Big-box electronic retail stores in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Bic Camera

Bic Camera is one of the largest electronic stores in Japan, and there are over 30 chains of the store in Japan. Many of the stores are located right next to a station or are even connected to the station. It makes them much more accessible!

Many of the Bic Camera stores offer duty-free shopping and an option to ship your purchased items to either of Japan’s airports. 

Don’t be confused with the store name; they offer a complete variety of electronic products along with cameras. It was the first electronic store in Japan that started offering services to visitors from all over the world. 

Bic Camera Yūrakuchō Store, in Tokyo
Bic Camera Yūrakuchō Store, in Tokyo

Most of the Bic Camera stores have one floor dedicated to selling all kinds of laptops, including laptops and peripherals. They have a curated selection of laptops. You even get an option to reserve a product online.

There is a separate Gaming PC device department, also referred to as a Gaming Zone. Within this section, you can find all kinds of gaming laptops and peripherals, including mouse, keyboard, headsets, VR, and many other accessories. 

It carries an extensive collection of all the major laptops brands, including MSI, Dell, ASUS, Razer, ACER, and HP. Similar options are available in peripherals also. 

Yodobashi Camera

At Yodobashi Camera stores, there is an excellent collection of laptops along with peripheral products that are usually not available in many other stores. The state-of-the-art stores have not only the latest and popular products but also some of the uncommon ones that are rarely in other stores. 

You might even find a collection of a laptop with all the peripherals in an exhibition display. The display generally includes different products or peripherals that can be combined for the best experience. 

People walking outside Yodobashi Camera store in Tokyo
People walking outside Yodobashi Camera store in Tokyo

In Yodobashi Camera stores, you can freely experience all the products and ask the sales staff is knowledgeable, and you can any question. Along with laptops, there are information displays. You can find all the relevant and necessary information on these displays. There’s even an item popularity ranking which will show you the best sellers. 

The store also has functionality lists, which are useful when you want to compare two different products. 

There is even a Yodobashi Outlet store (Keikyu Kawasaki), where you can find the discontinued products at a bargain price. You can also shop from Yodobashi.com with ease. 

There are 21 Yodobashi Camera stores across Japan, and most of them are in the Kanto region. 

All the products purchased from the store come with a laptop manufacturer’s guarantee. There is no store warranty. 

Yamada Denki

Yamada Denki is one of the electronic sales leaders with around 700 chains all across Japan and a few abroad. It carries electronics from popular brands like Apple, Dell, HP, and many more. 

One of the Yamada Denki stores comes under tax-exemption for tourists as a duty-free store. To avail of the exemption, you have to carry your passport and fill out a tax exemption form. While departing from Japan, you’ve to submit the form and bill along with your passport to the customs officer.

Yamada Denki TeccLand Edogawa branch
Yamada Denki TeccLand Edogawa branch

The outlet store of Yamada Denki is famous for offering discounts on old models and products that are on display. So, if you are looking for some really sweet deals, you should definitely visit one of the Yamada Denki stores. 

You can also check out the Twitter feed of the store for tracking any exclusive offers and deals. They even host certain giveaways on social media.

K’s Denki

The electronic store focuses on electric appliances and computers mainly. The main point of difference between K’s Denki and other big players in the market is that they don’t use a point system. 

K's Denki Akita-Higashi
K’s Denki Akita-Higashi

Stores like Bic Camera, Yodobashi Camera, and even Yamada Denki, have a point system where every time you make a purchase, you collect some points. In K’s Denki, the store gives foreign visitors the best discount on the spot. Now you don’t have to wonder that you might not be getting the best deal because you did not have the store’s point card. 

Most of K’s Denki stores are located in the suburbs, and it has 448 of them across the country. 


It is the electronic chain with the largest number of stores, more than 1000, across Japan, and most of them are located in western Japan. 

The product catalog is not universal and varies from region to region based on the customer requirements and lifestyle in each area.

Edion sells all kinds of electronics, including laptops, PCs, appliances, and health and beauty products. 

EDION Takaraduka
EDION Takaraduka

Recommended Stores in Tokyo for Buying a Laptop

There are two famous electronic towns in Tokyo – Ikebukuro and Akihabara. Within these two, there are several stores of these big electronic retail chains. Here are some of the recommended stores that you must check out.

Akihabara is well known for some real bargain deals on used laptops. It is considered as the electric town of Tokyo. There are plenty of shops that sell laptops with English OS and English keyboard systems. 

Akihabara Electric Town, Tokyo
Akihabara Electric Town, Tokyo

There is a line up of all the major chain stores on the main streets of Akihabara. The prices are not much different from any other chain stores all across Japan. 

Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba

Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba is a Japanese electronic store that is conveniently located at the Akihabara Station in Akihabara. Its location makes it easy to find.

Out of the nine floors, the second floor displays all the computers, PCs, laptops, and peripherals. You can find laptops from almost all of the major manufacturers including local ones.

There is multi-lingual staff in the store so you can discuss your requirements and ask any relevant questions without any language barriers. They are very helpful, friendly, and professional.

Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba Store, Tokyo
Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba Store, Tokyo

You can get a tax-free discount (8% off) if you are carrying your passport. Sometime, they even have additional offers on Credit Cards like 15% discount on Visa and similar.

The store also has a tourist corner where you can buy some souvenir items. Another interesting fact about the store is that there is a rooftop with a double-decker driving range and batting cages. It is connected to the golf store on the 9th floor of the building.

Bic Camera Ikebukuro

It is the main branch of Big Camera in Tokyo. The store is located at the mecca of electronics in Ikebukuro. This store has nine floors altogether, where you will find all kinds of electronics. They offer an excellent option of delivering your purchased electronics to your departing airport so you won’t have to carry it around! 

Bic Camera Ikebukuro Main Store
Bic Camera Ikebukuro Main Store

Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku West Exit Shop

It is the flagship store of Yodobashi Camera in Shinjuku. The store is huge, with an excellent selection of electronics. The staff is knowledgeable, so you can ask them any questions regarding the laptop you intend to buy. 

The sprawling store covers 28,000 square meters of area and multiple buildings. There is a whole floor dedicated to Laptop PCs in the Multimedia Building North Building. East Building in the Multimedia Hall has the underground first floor dedicated to computer peripherals. 

A view outside the Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku West Exit Shop

Along with all this, you can find all kinds of electronics in different buildings and floors of the Ydobashi Camera store in Shinjuku. 

It is the first big electronic retail that opened up its headquarters in Shinjuku and was followed up soon by both Bic Camera and Yamada Denki. 

Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku West Exit Shop is a fun store where you might lose track of time without realizing it! 

Yamada Denki LABI 1 Nihon Sohonten Ikebukuro

The store is spread out over 23,000 square meters, and it is the Yamada Denki flagship store in Japan. The main branch is located at the center of Ikebukuro. It is just opposite the BIC CAMERA, which is undoubtedly benefiting customers. Both stores are always competing, and you can buy products at a competitive rate. 

Yamada Denki LABI 1 Store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo
Yamada Denki LABI 1 Store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo

The floors are sorted by different colors, so it is easy to navigate, and you’ll have many options to choose from the extensive collection of laptops and peripherals. The store originally used to be a department store, and now it has become a large electronic store!

The store is designed with the concepts of bringing the environment, health, and entertainment together. 

G-Tune: Garage

G-Tune: Garage is an exclusive electronic shop in the Akihabara region that is famous for its gaming accessories, laptops, and PCs.

You can try out the different laptops and find the one that works for you. There’s a lot of emphasis on customer testing and trying, and the whole shop is set up to promote it with mood lighting and all. If you are a gamer, then you must visit this store.

The store mainly sells G-Tune computers (from Tokyo-based Mouse Computer), but it also keeps peripherals from other brands like Razer and MadCats.

PC Shop Ark

Ark is another small shop in Akihabara that’s famous for computer parts and laptops. You can find the ideal gaming laptop for you from its collection of some powerful machines.

Although the store might look small, they are better stocked than you might imagine. The prices are competitive, but there is no tax-free option here. There might be some language barriers, as the store staff only speaks Japanese.

Recommended Stores in Kyoto for Buying a Laptop

Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Kyoto Store

The store is located very close to the Kyoto Tower. The basement floor of the building is dedicated to computers and peripherals along with mobile phones. The store has an extensive collection of laptops from different manufacturers and the peripherals. 

Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Kyoto Store
Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Kyoto Store

It also offers PC security support at a specific consultation counter with knowledgeable staff. 

Recommended Stores in Osaka for Buying a Laptop

Den-den Town, aka Nipponbashi, is Osaka’s electronic district. There are dozens of laptop shops, including second-hand shops and parts shop. Just the large volume of shops in the region can make the shopping experience a bit daunting. Here is one store in Osaka that you can check out for the best deals on laptops.

Yamada Denki Labi 1 Namba

Yamada Denki store near the Namba station is humongous with 20,000 square meter area and around 800,000 items ranging from laptops to books. It includes PCs and LCD televisions under the “Frontier” brand, Yamada’s homegrown brand. 

Yamada Denki Labi 1 Namba, Osaka
Yamada Denki Labi 1 Namba, Osaka

The store also has a multipurpose space to organize talk shows and live shows. Overall the store has a multi-floor setup with separate floors for different categories of electronics. You will find the laptops and peripherals on the B1 level. The selling prices of the store are competitive and reasonable. 

The store employs knowledgeable staff capable of conversing in foreign languages so that they can explain the products and answer your questions.

Dospara Osaka Namba

Dospara is a multi-store computer shop with 22 stores across Japan. As it is an exclusive PC store, you can find a large variety of laptops and peripherals.

The staff is professional and friendly but might not be multi-lingual. Prices in this store are much more competitive than other major big-box stores.

Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Laptop in Japan

One important thing to keep in mind while buying a laptop in Japan is that most laptops in electronic shops have Japanese keyboards. If the English version is not readily available, the big electronic stores can procure one for you once you place an order. 

Laptop with Japanese keyboard
Laptop with Japanese keyboard

Another way to get bargain sales is to drop by the stores on a Friday. That’s the day when the stores put sales on the merchandise they want to move out of inventory. The bargain sales begin in the evening, so that is the best time to shop for the discounted prices. 

Some of the electronic stores also offer to match the prices of a different vendor to keep their customers. To avoid paying extra, it is always better to compare the prices in different stores before buying the laptop. One of the sites you can use for that purpose is the kakau.com website.

Finding the Best Deals

You can check out the best deals on the kakau.com website. The site tracks the best prices amongst the electronic shops in Japan. While buying a laptop in Japan, you should check the website for the best price. If the listed price is lower than the one in the store, you can bargain. You might get a better deal or some other discounts or benefits. 

Related Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about buying a laptop and peripherals in Japan.

Is it cheaper to buy a laptop in Japan from Big Electronic Stores?

Japanese electronic retail stores are some of the best ones in the world because of their superb product lineup and high-quality. Any laptop and peripherals you buy from Japan are going to be the best and you can get your money’s worth with some exclusive deals and discounts.

Why buy laptops from electronic stores instead of e-commerce? 

Electronic stores offer exciting deals and advantages to the customers, unlike when you’re shopping online. In addition to that, you can also discuss your preferences and requirements with the knowledgeable staff in the store.

But I don’t speak Japanese, so how will the store staff help me, and how will I be able to communicate my requirements? 

Don’t worry; there is generally some staff in the store who can speak foreign languages like Chinese and English. 

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